Monday, November 29, 2010

If you own a passionate writer--a guide.

Here is a small guide for the owner of a passionate writer.

1. If your passionate writer zones out in the middle of a conversation, don't be alarmed or offended, simply allow them to run to their journal or laptop. When they return, they will be more coherent and may be able to contribute to the conversation in an intelligent manner.

2. Same goes for when they zone out during a song. Please allow your passionate writer to do the steps above.

3. If you do not allow the passionate writer to have "writing time", they may do one or all of the following:
cry, pout, squint, cheeks may turn red, they may throw things, have a fit, just act frustrated--really, just allow them to have their time.

4. Do not, I repeat, do not call their passion a hobby. This only furthers the frustrated fit that is described above.

5. Do not tell them to be aware of their priorities. Again, see the frustrated fit characteristics above.

6. When they are writing, do not ask questions, interrupt, tell them to "not be long", or hog their laptop. This may lead to more drastic behavior. Things definitely will fly.

7. Do not point out what needs to be cleaned. The passionate writer is aware of what is going on, just allow the space. These chores will get done.

8. Be aware that the passionate writer has enough feeling of guilt (of not spending time with their loved ones)when they take time for themselves. Be happy for them, and show that you support them. If they want to talk about their passion, at least look interested. They harbor a ton of self doubt, looking interested may boost their self esteem.

9. If the passionate writer speaks to themselves, do not call the local mental institution. They are working out scenes. It sounds better to them when they speak aloud.

10.  Love your passionate writer. They love you. They just have a lot going on in their head.

Did I miss anything?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving/weekend. I ate too much, but that's okay. How was your weekend?

If you missed Writing the Next Line go here. I will post the final draft next week. BTW--great job guys.

Also, on Wednesday--Talli Roland's Take over Amazon Blogsplash. I will be posting about it on December 1st. December--yikes.

Picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post. It's just cute. Plus, winter is coming.
Artwork by Kaitlyn McCane
Have a great day!


  1. Haha! And AMEN! Especially to points 7 and 8. I have problems with those the most where I live :o)

  2. That was great!! Loving #7. Yeah, like I hadn't noticed that needed to be cleaned, but hey, I need to write this before it leaves my head. lol

  3. Wonderful Christine. And if I may add, now that it's gift-giving time, if you need gifts for Passionate Writer, any gift card from any of the big box office stores will do nicely.

    I've got my eye on some shiny new gel pens in funky colors like green and purple. So much better than red. And of course ink cartridges and copy paper will also do very well.

  4. Wonderful post! One thing I would add is:

    Don't take advantage of your passionate writer by asking questions like: "Mom, can I have candy for lunch?" or "Mom, can I stay up till midnight?" when you know she is distracted and likely to answer randomly.

  5. No, you nailed it! Wish I'd had that list for my wife before NaNo began.

  6. I'm sending these to my hubby right now! They're great.

  7. great list. i'm happy to say that my husband knows how to treat this passionate writer. i think my kids are learning.

  8. Haha, I love this! "Really, just allow them to have their time"--hilarious! And that picture is just so cute!

  9. Good stuff, Christine. Also, if your writer is laying on the couch and staring into space and even if the TV is on, he's not watching it. He's working. Give him chips and dip (quietly) as he may need to take a break and will need sustenance.

    When he's mumbling during sex, he's not recalling baseball statistics to prolong the experience--he's giving himself notes on how to present this scene in his novel. You're going to be a star!

  10. Amen! This passionate writer should go do some dishes. That is, once I find the kitchen.

  11. YES to all of this. Love!

    I think this is why writers need other writer friends. We're our own special breed. We need people who understand us! ;)

  12. OMG I love this! Definitely gonna show it to hubby. :)

  13. So true! I agree with Shannon, it's good to have writer friends to understand all this so we don't have the tantrums from #3 too often! :)

  14. This nails every important aspect to a writer. Love the post!

  15. I repeat, do not call the mental institution! LOL. :) Hope you had a great holiday!

  16. hahaha .. loved it Christine

    Can I add one?

    11. Bedtime is not a concept familiar to your passionate writer. Bed is something that happens when the words run out.

  17. This is ten different kinds of brilliant...and all too true.

    Love it!

    I love the 11 addition too by Dominic...what is this 'bedtime' of which you speak? there are two states of being for a writer: writing (even if we're just plotting in our heads while pretending to do something else) and unconsciousness.


  18. That’s an excellent list and all ten apply in my case!

  19. omg, Christine. LOL!!! hilariousness~ :D <3