Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

Wow, I posted a lot this week. Whew! Here was my week.

1. The store was out of the normal brand of chicken nuggets I normally buy for my kids so I found another brand. After heating them up, and giving them to my kiddos, my daughter made one of her priceless comments. I asked, "How are the nuggets?" My daughter said, "They taste like chicken." I had nothing to say after that.

2. I have been battling with my WiP this week. I wrote some new chapters for it, and one of my CPs said the new chapters set the pace for my story. I agree. The problem is, I keep looking at all the other stuff I wrote before, and I'm trying to figure out how to proceed. If I keep what I have, it drags so I now have to re-write a lot. Bleh.

3. My daughter actually had homework, yes, homework. She's in preschool.

4. When will the hubs understand that I love him dearly and I want to spend time with him, but I need some mommy time to do my own thing (writing).

5. My other ideas are pounding on my door, screaming to be written, but when I sit at the computer I can only think about my current WiP.

6. I need advice on shutting one WiP off, and writing another.

7. Don't forget about my blogfest (December 13th). See the awesome button up there on my sidebar. There are a whole bunch of other blogfests, too.

8. Don't forget about Writing the Next Line--November 24th.  Jen, I need a button for that. :)

9. I'm reading Candor by Pam Bachorz, and it's awesome. It's giving me a few ideas on how to up the pace in my book. Giving the reader just enough information, but not too much.

10. I'm trying to keep my cats from throwing up hairballs on my dining room floor (it's hardwood). Two more steps they would be on vinyl, seriously. I know, gross, but it comes with cat ownership.

11. You have to love family. My schedule has been crazy so my productive writing time has been limited. My aunt and uncle came over yesterday, and took the kids for a couple of hours. So awesome.

Any weekend plans?

How was your week?

Have a great day!


  1. #3 - homework gets worse. Unbelievably. *sighs*

    #4 - Um...yeah, he'll understand when it suits him. When he's busy watching a game or whatever. lol

    #6 - yeah, that's a tough one. Have a stack of index cards next to you. While you're writing your current WIP, it gives you an outlet to write down thoughts that pertain to a different project.

  2. At least they're not throwing up on carpet!

  3. the chicken nuggets comment was funny.

    can be very daunting when you realize the amount of rewriting you have to do!

  4. Wow, busy, busy, busy!

    Gosh, homework in PRESCHOOL!!!! Yikes!

    I can only work on one WIP at a time too--divided attention just slows me down. I'll jot notes for the "other" project, but will proceed with the most demanding one.

    Good luck with the cats...though I don't think there's any solution to that one. (Mine prefers carpets.) ;)

  5. I heard about Candor. Tell us what you think when you're done!
    This week was like the last week. Busy, good moments, bad moments, not enough sleep but otherwise, I really can't complain too much!

  6. Can't believe your daughter has homework in preschool! So crazy. Good luck finding some more time to write!

  7. I just started reading CANDOR too, and I think you're right that the pacing works really well. I'll be paying extra attention to that as I continue reading.

  8. Cats are smart that way. Be glad it's not the carpet!

  9. I can empathize on the cat issue - been there, done that. Let us know how Candor turns out - I may have to buy that one. :-)

  10. barf. We hates it. Hates it, precious. And the hubs will not learn that on his own, you'll need to teach him. Srsly.

  11. #1 is a good sign. I don't think McNuggets taste like chicken, so you never know.

    #3 made me laugh because my son is in middle school and hardly brings any homework home.

  12. You have been busy this week, Christine! It sounds like mostly good stuff though. Have a great weekend.

  13. My week was good - at least the kids had a full week of school (seems like they've always got a day off or at least a half day, usually both), so I got some good writing time in. Weekend plans - soccer as usual. :)

  14. In my family, "taste like chicken" is the answer to every food-related question. Really.

    I'm glad the new chapters of your WiP work -- good luck!

  15. Homework in preschool!!! WHAT is the world coming too. That's awful

  16. Monster Baby had homework in preschool too. You should see the stuff she's bringing home from Kindergarten.

    And make sure you tell hubs what I told you to tell him.

    As for trying to stop the new ideas from taking time away from the current wip -- I don't. I take however long to write stuff down and then let it go. I go back to my wip. When the mood strikes again, I write the new idea. It keeps my brain from exploding.

  17. hi miss christine! chicken tasting like chicken? yikes! thats pretty scary. ha ha. wow you did so much this week it got me out of breath reading all of it. for me this week i did lots of studying cause i did two school tests on thursday. i get school at our house. monday i went at the doctor and got blood took out by a vampire nurse. ha ha. tuesday i got bone marrow took out. ack! saturday me and my brothers watched football and ate pizza! today im catching up on reading blogs and im gonna do a new post for on my blog. i hope youre haveing a really nice weekend.
    ...hugs from lenny

  18. Yikes. Why would anyone give pre-schoolers homework? That's just weird.