Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

What a week. I've had a lot of crazy things go on, but I'm excited for a spooky weekend.

1. I'm about ready to open up a stink bug hotel. If they keep showing up in my house, I should be charging rent.

2. I would love to know why I saw Christmas trees on display in September and Valentine's Day cookies in the grocery store this week. Life moves fast enough, do we have to rush the holidays.

3. I really have to watch The Soup more often. I used to watch it faithfully, but lately I'm too busy writing. I need to catch up on reality TV. I don't like to watch reality TV, but The Soup makes it so fun.

4. In reference to item #3. I really don't understand why the Jersey Shore is even filmed. It's the same people in a different location. Is it really that interesting? Maybe I'm missing something.

5. I love Halloween. You can talk to your characters and people think your dressed up as an escapee from a insane asylum. It's awesome.

6. Am I the only person not doing NaNo? I feel like a slacker or an outcast. Not sure which. Good luck to those who are.

7. Yes, I'm still working on my blog facelift.

8. Thanks again to Lydia and Laura for all of the help they have given me with my medical research. Awesome!! See my sidebar to link to their blogs.

9. I hope to finish four chapters worth of revisions this weekend so CPs don't think I found a cave to hibernate in.

10. I've been a slacker at commenting. I can't apologize enough for this. I have been revising and re-writing like crazy so I guess something has to suffer. Sorry.

Any weekend plans? Happy Halloween!!


  1. I'm not in NaNO. I'm in NaNoWrapMo (as in wrap up the first draft). But I've also seen NaNoRevMon (revisions). There's something for every stage of our writing. ;)

    LOL at # 5.

  2. Nope, I'm not doing NaNo, either. Wrote about my reason in my post, today. Good luck with your chapters this weekend.

    My neighbor and I usually hang out together and pass out candy, while our hubs travel the kids around the neighborhood. The kids then do a candy 'swap'. It's a riot to watch, especially while the adults are keeping warm drinking a little tottie. LOL

  3. Love your list, Christine. Do not love stink bugs though. I'm so excited for your revisions. You are definitely moving your story along. Have an awesome, spooky weekend!

  4. I meant to tell you the other day, I'm not doing NaNo either.

    I don't like Halloween but I do like your idea of walking around like an escapee from an insane asylum. Most of the time I look like one anyway.

    Congrats on your revisions. I'm in the same boat. Driving myself insane.

  5. I think we need a club for us NON-NaNoers! Call it NaNo-No! LOL

    I was about to hop aboard Sara's NaNoWraMo--wrapping up a project. I find out this AM my daughter is having all kinds of emotional problems at school, so NO WAY am I holing up for a month. She needs me. Maybe I'll start NaLovKidsMo!

  6. I just HAD to mention that my verification word on the last post was MOSES. Is this some kind of sign? Ten plagues, then wandering in the desert? Uh-oh.

  7. I'm doing NaNo, but it's the first year ever (I've always been to scattered to do it other years).

    Good luck on your revisions! If you're interested in a CP, stop by and maybe we could swap?

  8. Hi there - I'm here for the Haunting, mwah-ha-ha!

    And you're not alone with the NOT doing NaNo - sometimes life gets in the way. I participated last year and found it nearly impossible. I crossed the finish line, but just barely. I mean, who would purposely choose to put this event in a month with a major holiday where relatives are expected to visit or be visited, and so many half days at school you can't even count 'em all?? I ended up feeling guilty on so many levels...

    Good luck with your revisions - keeping your own schedule can sometimes be just as hectic as NaNo, but without the extra added layer of guilt ;-)

  9. hi miss christine! i saw on lots of blog theres lots who arent doing that nano stuff. im thinking you could have a no nano party that could be lots of fun while those nanos are writing their fingers off. ha ha. i hope you get all that revising done. have a really fun weekend.
    ...happy halloween hugs from lenny

  10. A lot of bloggers are cutting back on blogging to get their writing done. Good for them!!

    Stink bugs: my friend up north from me here in Virginia keeps finding them in her garage.
    Fortunately, I haven't seen any!!! If I did, I'd probably consider charging rent. What a novel idea!!

  11. Good luck with your revising and such. That always comes first and I expect my commenting to take a dive next month too. Heck, it dives daily!

  12. Everyone ~says~ they're doing NaNo. You have to.

    You're a writer, dadgummit, and if you don't do NaNo, you're NOTHING!



    I'm only going to commit to sitting and writing daily. That's it. None of that word-count stuff, or a blind rage of random words strung together to be deleted anyway, or signing up on a website for a jpeg banner.

    No pressure.

    You write against yourself, not everyone else, and in doing so, YOU make the rules.

    - Eric

  13. Don't stress NaNo.
    And The Soup is a great show!

  14. I felt that way about NaNo last year. I wouldn't stress it, you're obviously not a slacker.

    I don't really like reality TV and sometimes I fee like the only writer who doesn't!

  15. Boo!

    Haunting you from the Haunt. I'm not doing NaNo either. :)

  16. I'm not doing NaNo either, so you're not alone.:)
    Good for you working on your chapters. You inspired me to get something done.

  17. Hi Christine - I'm here haunting you from Theresa's blog. I am doing NaNo, but it looks like there are a lot who aren't. No biggie. =D

    That freaked me out about you seeing Valentine cookies. What were THEY thinking???? LOL

    Have a great Halloween!!!

  18. Hi, Christine!

    I'm here to haunt you:). Just popped by to visit from Halloween Haunting.

    BTW, I'm not doing NaNo either!

    I haven't seen Valentine cookies, but I did see a Christmas tree decorating the library today!

  19. I love The Soup, such a fun take on some of what's on TV.

    I was going to skip the standard nano this year to be a rebel and revise instead. But I'm procrastinating the revision to write a random draft.

    I'm stopping by from the Halloween Haunting - boo. :)

  20. I'm not doing NaNo either. Seems like there's a bunch of us who aren't!

    Also, many of my friends are having stinkbug problems. I'm having house centipede (thousand legger) problems, so frankly, I'd rather have the stinkbugs. ;)

    Happy Halloween!

  21. Hi, Christine!

    You have an interesting blog. I found out about it through Theresa Milstein's blog, in the Halloween Haunting entry. Anyway, feel free to check out my blog, A Far Out Fantastic Site, anytime.

    And so again, I came to your blog in following the rules to Theresa's contest, which the major one was to haunt three other commenters' site, and so . . .

    BOO! [echoes] LOL

  22. What's a stink bug?

    I'm not doing NaNo either...

    Have a great Hallowe'en! :)

  23. I understand your cutting back, and picking and choosing. We all have to do this. And life takes precedence over blogger--I think....

    A glitch on my blog forced me to delete it and start a new one. Didn't lose anything except followers! Which is just as well, since most so-called followers only check in once and never return. So now I'm going through the printout I made of my “followers” and re-signing up with the ones I want to keep following/the ones I hope will keep following me--when they can. My signature link here goes to my new blog that’s almost the same name and looks the same.