Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Book Release

I usually don't post today, but I am. Real quick.

Go to Alex J. Cavanaugh's blog . Alex's book, Cassastar, is being released today. Go check it out. Congrats Alex!

Thanks for all your advice yesterday. I've been thinking about how to change some things in my writing and really just trying to concentrate on writing well. Oh and to write for me and what's best for my story. I got some great feedback from a CP which sparked some re-arranging and how to make my WiP stronger. Thanks Amie. :)

Have you gotten any great advice lately?

Any new goals?

This week, I'm hoping to continue to revise. I would love to finish one round of revisions sooner than later.

Have a great day!


  1. Thanks, Christine!
    yes, my goal is to survive today!

  2. Congrats to Alex!

    And my CP's have been giving me great advice these past two weeks as well...maybe it's in the air? Or we're voth in the tedious revision phase? Best of luck with yours!

  3. The main thing for a writer is to carve out that needed time for writing! I guess that is my one main goal right now.

    The other is to read as many novels as I can by fellow bloggers. This is SUCH a supportive community of writers, the published and the hope-to-be published.

  4. Alex rules. I'm so glad to see him getting all this love!

  5. i saw this on another blog the other day. thanks for the reminder!

  6. Congrats to Alex!

    Christine - good luck with the revisions :)

  7. hi miss christine! wow lot of people are talking about mr alexs book. i read a neat review and it sounds sooooo exciting. i love space sci fi. for advice i got lots of it from on the blogs and at my house. my writing is getting lots better cause of it. my most big goal this week is having my first at home birthday in 2 years and its gonna be really fun!!!
    ...hugs from lenny

  8. Yay for Alex and CassaStar!

    My new goal is to get 100 pages down in my WiP. I have 27 more to go...

  9. I've already congratulated Alex on his achievement -- how exciting!

    I just caught up on your last posts and wish you best of luck on revisions, Christine!

  10. The blogger love for CassaStar is overwhelming. It just brings to the forefront why I love this community so much.

    I joined NaNo so that goal is pretty big and coming very soon. I'm ecstatic for November. I can't wait to start. I also have midterms this week and in november all of my final projects do at the same time.. so basically, getting through November without loosing my mind is my biggest goal!

    The best advice I've gotten recently? Hmm, probably from my mom, "If you don't start you'll never finish." For some reason, I feel this is oddly profound.

    I love your blogger background!