Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

Help Talli Roland take Amazon by storm. Check out her blog to find out the details. You know you want to. She not only sweet, she's an awesome and talented writer.

Well, on with the fun facts.

1. I learned a lot this week. The -ing thing, overwriting...I feel a little overwhelmed but I'm letting it stew.

2. I think my son is ready to potty train--yeah. Accidents --yuck. Why do I think this? He took all his clothes off, but didn't make it to the bathroom. Accident #1.

3.I'm excited to catch up on what I recorded on the DVR. I'm not into too many shows, but Bones is back and I need to catch up. David Boreanz. (I miss Angel.)

4. I'm thinking of changing my blog background. Clean it up a little. So if changes alot...sorry.

5. I love apple cider in the fall. I've been drinking it everyday.

6. I'm going to write a post about how I get my ideas. One is people watching and eavesdropping. It's an art to look as though your not intentionally doing this. I have one hilarious story to tell you on that.

7. I will post Writing the Next Line on October 8th. Be there.

8. For once I'm excited to revise some more, but I'm sure I'll change my tune in the near future.

9. I also watch Project Runway. I skip over most of it just to see what the contestants came up with. I'm team Mondo.

10. I'm interrupted a lot during the day. My train of thought is usually broken, so my mind gets jumbled. I write strange comments, my characters say weird things and I forget a lot. This leads to comments like this from my 4 yr old. "It's okay mommy, you forget a lot."

11. I've finally decided on the beginning of WiP #1 and it feels good. It also will require a lot of work because I'm now going to write the whole story with alternating POVs (male and female). Yikes! Any advice?
How was your week?

Any fantastic weekend plans?

I hope to get back to commenting more soon. I feel like a jerk. I'm trying. I hope everyone is well and welcome to my new blogger buddies.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Yay, on the potting training news. I'm sooo glad I never have to do that again. Though # 3 figured it out quicker than her brothers. At one point I thought I would have three kids in diapers. Fortunately my oldest figured it out a week before his fourth birthday. That's okay, while he might have been slow at potty training, he wasn't slow at learning to read. He was already reading chapter books in grade one. :D

    Congrats, Christine, on figuring out which chapter one to use. :D

  2. No fantastic weekend plans. Hopefully the weekend will surprise me!

  3. I love Project Runway too. While I watch the whole thing, I multitask in the beginning and focus on the runway show.

    Potty training - fun! Give them access, but the day they can really control it is the day it happens. You can put them on and they'll perform but it's those times when they're playing that they have to feel it in time. My son decided at 2 years and nine months that he was ready. If you'd asked me a week before, I would've said no. Good luck!

  4. No weekend plans really. Hope to get a lot of writing done though. Sleep is overrated.

  5. Sorry, no help here on the male and female POV, as I'm struggling with the same thing in my current work.
    But if you receive any good suggestions, please post them!

  6. Yay apple cider! I'm buying some this weekend, hopefully! And I definitely have to watch Bones--love David Boreanaz!

  7. Yay! Thanks so much for the shout-out, Christine! :) I'm finally getting around to blogs after my holiday. I must say, I missed all my blogging buddies!

  8. Hi Christine. Ugh. Potty training. I just finished potty training my youngest and WHEW. So many accidents!

  9. Hi Christine! I hope you're having a great weekend. I look forward to your post about how you get your ideas -- that's always interesting to read. :)