Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I heart Post Its.

Chimera Critiques has a new site. Please go and visit these lovely ladies. They have helped me a bunch and they are so awesome.

So in my never-ending revision phase, I finally gave in to using post its. I have revised eleven chapters, but they still need some work. Some need to go and I have to add some things. I printed out the first eleven chapters to see the words in print. Sometimes reading on my laptop makes my eyes a little crazy. I think I'm freaking out a little because I need to have a good writing session. I need to just sit down and have my MCs flow through me.

In the spirit of reading the first eleven chapters in print, I decided to also do a story board--well my own version. I'm going to briefly describe the chapter on a post it and lay it out. I know most of you who are experienced are saying, "It took you how long to realize this." Remember, I'm slow at some things.
Hopefully, this will help the beginning because I have so much more to cover in my story. I sort of get overwhelmed when I think about.

What are your most effective revision methods?

If you are revising, how are your revisions coming along?

Another short post today, because the kids are fighting and my mind is mush.

I'll post the recap of Writing the Next Line on Friday. Have a great day!


  1. I'm really lazy when it comes to revising. I don't like to organize myself. I just do it. I make notes at the end of the word document to remind me what I need to fix. then I cross off the changes as I do them.

  2. I like using post its in planning phase. There's a ledge on the wall beside me, and I line up the post its beneath it, story-board style, but they have no order, really. Just whatever thought I don't want to forget. :)

  3. I actually just got out from under revisions. I'm a plotter, not a pantser so I had a pretty tight outline when I started. When revising I print out the MS & play 52 pick up for line editing. I micro edit and work my way up to macro edit. Once I finish that, I put the pages back in order and record then changes. Then I go chapter by chapter- checking for tension, pacing, and plot descrepencies. Then it's beta readers, integrating feedback, and moer beta readers. Today I'm joining the query wars. In all, it took a little over 30 days.

  4. i used to make fun of and balk at the idea of a story board, but it really helped me out a lot.
    And yeah, i can't do any editing on a computer screen

  5. I'm writing now and not revising but oddly when I'm writing I crave revisions and vice versa!

  6. I can't do revisions on the computer - I stare at the screen all day as it is - so I print it out and mark & highlight changes. There's enough on that I don't need sticky notes - I have to hit each page no matter what!

  7. I used to love post-its, but now I use sheets of letter-sized paper. I don't like to feel constrained by the small size of post-its!

  8. I edit as I go, and backtrack-rewrite as needed, or insert/delete as needed.

    I used to take notes and do spreadsheets and such, but I forget to look at them.

    I write, I read and re-read, do a few line-edits each morning, but for me, unless someone reads it and says it ain't no good, I don't mess with it much, other than knocking out words that don't belong.

    Sometimes there are a lot of words that don't belong.

    I do like Tamara. I put notes on my last page, and I use QQQ markers wherever I need to make edits, and then later search for QQQ and make those mods.

    I guess you'd say my QQQ markers are like post-its, eh.

    - Eric

  9. Sounds like a great idea! I haven't gotten to the revision stage but I will eventually.....

  10. I'm like CQG. I'm an outliner. My current wip (one of them at least) was critted by Angela Ackerman and it resulted in some huge plot changes. This meant new scenes and deleting others. Hopefully the same thing won't happen with my new project. :)

    I do most of my revisions on the computer, and occasionally print off a copy.

  11. I'm slow at revising. And I do it more by instinct. It's hell, I'm not gonna lie. But it's all part of the process. :)

    Hugs to you on your revision journey.


  12. Hi Christine! Sorry it's taken me so long to start following you...but you're stuck with me now. LOL

    Revisions, humph... Sticky notes, index cards, and my corkboards are my saviors during revisions. I use all three to help me visually separate, calculate, cut-up (pause for a little funeral for my butchered little darlings), and rebuild the story.

  13. I'm revising right now, and I love it! I tend to do a second outline using my first draft. I also revisit all my character sketches and tweak them as needed. Then I read through my first draft, mark spots with track changes, and give it a go!

    Good luck with your revisions!

  14. I've heard of this method before and would like to try it when I ever get that far in the process!