Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Release Day for CRACKED by K.M. Walton and Giveaway

Happy release day to CRACKED. It's out!! Yep, I've been talking about this one since the summer when I was lucky enough to read a copy. I would write a review, but I would only gush and tell you to go and get it. K.M. (Kate) Walton is not only a talented author, but an amazing person. I can't thank her enough for what she has taught me, not only in writing, but about life. Thanks Kate!

So, I will be giving away one signed copy of this little number to one lucky person. All you have to do is promote it. I'm keeping this simple. Promote this contest any way you can (keep it legal) and let me know what you do in the comments below, and you're entered. I will be using random.org to choose the winner on January 17. That means you have from now until the 16th to enter.

The blurb:
Sometimes there's no easy way out.

Victor hates his life. He has no friends, gets beaten up at school, and his parents are always criticizing him. Tired of feeling miserable, Victor takes a bottle of his mother's sleeping pills—only to wake up in the hospital.

Bull is angry, and takes all of his rage out on Victor. That makes him feel better, at least a little. But it doesn't stop Bull's grandfather from getting drunk and hitting him. So Bull tries to defend himself with a loaded gun.

When Victor and Bull end up as roommates in the same psych ward, there's no way to escape each other or their problems. Which means things are going to get worse—much worse—before
they get better…

If you haven't been to Kate's blog or website go check them out.

Also, thanks to Frankie for a great blogfest yesterday. If you haven't checked out the entries--go now (after you enter my giveaway). I'm still catching up on reading them, and let me tell you, they are awesome. Thanks Frankie!

Have a great day!!


  1. Yay for Kate and CRACKED!!!!! Im so excited for the signing on Saturday! And so glad you had fun at the blogfest :-)

  2. Sooo wish i could be there this weekend! I expect photos! :D

  3. Congrats to Kate! I've heard such great things about this book. I look forward to reading it.

  4. Oh I've been waiting for this book. It has male protagonists...gotta support that :)

  5. Woo hoo for Kate!! Hahaha, I've promoted my heart out for this stunning book, on my website, on the store's website, in the store... Does that count?? (*snort*)

    Just kidding -- give it to someone who doesn't already have a signed copy.

    Nice to see you today, since I'll probably be frazzled on Saturday evening.