Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get inspired

The new year. New expectations. New goals. It's funny how every year we set up big plans on January 1st. To me it gets overwhelming. Once I set these so called "goals" I sit back and think. Can I really do all of it? Sure that's the insecure nugget in me. Even though a huge part of me is uber confident and ready to take on the world. This overwhelming feeling leads to limited creativity. It's scary and uncomfortable. So, how do you get through it? How do you clear the fog that is slowing drifting over your land of imagination.

Here are a some thoughts:

1. Write it all down. Take a few items at a time and sit them front of you. Keep only a few at a time in view. Once something is done, cross it off then add more.

2. Set a schedule. Yep, I know the most difficult thing in the world. I know for me it isn't easy but I do it. I have to or nothing will get done. For me, when the kids are at school, it's time to write. This may take a while to figure out and I would suggest to try different options. Be prepared to move things around if need be. The point-- be flexible.

3. Exercise. This goes along with schedule. Fit it in now and it will become a part of this routine. Healthy body = healthy brain. Don't forget to eat right. Although, chocolate now and again is totally fine. Really, it's a  food group. Shhh. It's a secret food group.

4. Read. Helps you grow and inspire.

5. Critique. Read over someone else's work. It will help the writing muscle and you may learn something or teach someone something they didn't know.

6. Music. This is what I'm waiting for. Some new music to totally pull me into my ideas that are just sitting. To take them to the next level and make them a full blown novel.

7. Go to a new place. You don't have to take a full blown trip to Australia (although that would be fun). Walk out your front door. Now watch the animals, people, smell the air, feel the ground. Write down what you saw, in full detail. You'd be surprised what may develop.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Plus, I know I've posted some similar before. I want to sit and it all come to me. I love those moments of clarity when I'm sucked into the world I create, but sometimes if you wait too long you may miss something else. It requires work just like everything else even if you're taking a break.

How do you get inspired in the new year?

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Have a great day!


  1. I think you've pretty much covered it for me. One other thing I do that inspires me is read craft books (for writing). I read something and can't wait to try it out. :D

  2. I love, love, love this list! And yes, chocolate is definitely a secret food group. :)

  3. I really like #7, since it basically tells you to be present.

  4. I got inspired by reading some books outside my genre and doing little touch-ups around the house like buying new switchplates. Funny how the little things really help spark ideas.

  5. Music, movies, and TV shows are my top sources of inspiration. Where songs help put me in different moods, the others have a way of throwing ideas at me through characters, plots, and random lines of spoken dialogue. I don't have a lot of time for TV, but I try and have a show or two to watch on a regular basis. I like getting to know the characters and study their development.

  6. Excellent tips! New Nightwish came out today, so I have my new music.

  7. Following a schedule is what I'm working on most this month (and possibly all the others). I'm way too lazy for my own good -.-;