Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion and book signing

Fashion. I like it. I'm not the best at it, but I know what I like when I see it and sometimes it's totally out of my price range. In high school and college, black was my favorite color of choice in clothing and something that no one else wore topped my list. Nowadays, jeans and a sweater are a daily combo. When I do go out, I have a couple of  "outfits of choice" that I like to put on. But now I have a dilemma--a book signing event/extravaganza. Yep, the K. M. Walton CRACKED book signing at Chester County Book and Music Co. in West Chester, Pa. (I know that sounded like an ad, right? :) Hey, I like to promote things.)

Now, I've been to book signings. Sometimes I know the author, sometimes I don't, and my outfits usually involve jeans and a dressy top. This book signing is different.

1. It's for a friend.

2. It's more of a release party/book signing. Big time celebration.

3. Frankie Diane Mallis will be there. That means camera, people, and maybe a possible vlog. Sure, I will bring mine, but I'd be taking the photos (I'm not in the picture). When Frankie has a camera, well, lots of photos happen and somehow I get in them. I'm not camera shy, I just want to look put together. Plus, this gal is a fashionista. Have you seen her cool Tumblr page?  

So, the question is --what to wear? Dressy casual? Casual? And, no, I'm not wearing a gown. There is no red carpet or is there? I must double check on that. What would you wear?

I will have pictures to share on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I wish I could go with you!! This sounds like a blast.
    Hmm...attire... Well, I always say being yourself will get you the farthest!! Frankly, I don't think she will care what you wear. The fact that you are there will be 'fashionable' enough. Have fun!!

  2. I'm jealous! How fabulous! I'm with Sheri... you being there is enough, however if you want to look cute wear a nice fitted blouse and if you want jeans, go dark... dress it up with shoes. Shoes really make the outfit.

  3. Wow, that sounds fantastic! I'm with Jen -- jeans and a nice top, maybe? Have fun!

  4. Muahaha, now you've given me ideas. I'm considering shooting a vlog--red carpet style...

  5. I love the dress on the girl!!!

    As long as you're comfortable, that's the main thing.

    I'm jealous too!

  6. Haha, are you sure you don't want to wear a formal evening gown? That would definitely make a statement. :) I say go with something cute but comfortable!

  7. Well, a dress is right off my list!
    I'd say go sharp-casual and make sure it is comfortable.

  8. I like a little fancy, but that's just me. I LOVE the dress in your pic, can you just wear that :)?

  9. HAHAHAHA. Red carpet. HAHAHAHA!

    That'll be the day.

    I'm wearing the only dressy slacks and dressy jacket I own (that's not Christmasy). Hope it's not too warm. Plus I'm trying to dress in the colors of Kate's cover.

    Yeah. I know it's lame. But I'm introducing her.

    Whatever you wear, Kate will appreciate your presence. And she'll be too nervous to notice what any of us are wearing. See you Saturday!!

  10. I bet whatever you wore was awesome. Hope you had fun, looking forward to the pictures :-)

  11. Good luck deciding!! Hope you look classy and snazzy. I would have the same dilemma, though. I dress more for comfort these days than style!! I'd say dress very nicely but not TOO dressy. :) And often the right jewelry can make something look more dressy, too!

  12. Don't overdress. The first time I went to a book signing I had no idea what to expect and showed up in a little black dress and heels, totally out of place. LOL. Of course, I was also the only book blogger there w/o a bookmark. Good luck and best wishes to your friend.