Saturday, December 11, 2010

Writing The Next Line Recap

Yeah. I'm behind. I should've posted this a couple of weeks ago. I'm not even going to give you an excuse.
Great job, as always. I did do this Writing the Next Line a little different. I took the ending from the last session and let you guys continue the story (instead of me coming up with something new).
So without further babbling. Here is the recap.

Authors: Alesa Warcan, SA Larsen, Anne GallagherMatthew Rush, Talli Roland, The Golden Eagle, Christine H, and MS Hatch.

Behind me I heard a whuff of breath and I spun around, but there was nothing. The scratching started again, this time to my right. I suppressed the urge to look when something grabbed me and covered my mouth. The hand reeked of petrol and smoke, and I chocked as I tried to breathe. I felt hot breath curl its way around my ear and leave it cold in the frosty air. i tried to scream, but only muffled sounds came from my deep in my throat. I gathered all my strength and with all my might, I broke the person's hold around me. I turned sharply to see who this was.

"Oh my God!" I shouted. "I thought you were dead!"

"Jesus Abby, chill for a minute," he said "I'm not trying to hurt you."

Hurting me was no longer my concern, why I was seeing & talking to my dead boyfriend was.

"I'll explain in a minute," he said, his voice low and tight with panic, "but first we need to get out of here."

And so we logged out of the game and I called Mark. He had told me his avatar had been permanently killed. He had certainly better have a good explanation for this! I had been counting on him to help me get through the quest of remembrance at Aldebran.

His hand laced around mine, that safety I'd always felt with him returning. We scurried around downed tree boughs and ducked under drooping limbs. That is until my boy boot snagged a lazy piece of brush and I fell...into nothingness.

I didn't have time to scream, the blackness enveloped my senses and then I landed with a thump on my bum. My hands caressed feathers.

Where was I? I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

It turned out I had landed in the nest of a Giant Roc, which was just now waking, stirred by my impact.

The Roc stared at me, yellow eyes unblinking. I backed away as quietly as I could.
I backed up against the side of the nest, and grabbed a rock as defense; the Roc let out a screech that put my hair on end and I shivered from its malevolence.

I realized that it was screeching because the rock I had grabbed was actually an egg, and it was hatching!
A bedraggled baby roc emerged from the cracked shell and jumped onto my shoulder, wobbling until its sharp little talons dug into my flesh.

Awesome job guys!! Next, Writing the Next Line, December 20th. Mark your calenders.

Don't forget, Monday, December 13th, Crazy Holiday Blogfest. Yes, this Monday. Any genre. I said to try and keep it to 250 words, but if you go over don't fret. I think I may be over that amount. *blushes*

Have a great day!


  1. I really love this feature you do Christine. Who knows, maybe someone will get a story idea out of this. I know landing in a giant Roc nest would set my mind spinning.

  2. These are great! Must've missed this one during NaNo.