Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy Holiday Blogfest.

So here it is, my first blogfest. Yikes. Please excuse the roughness of my entry. I know I'm not the best with tenses and this is not in revisions yet. Anywho, I will be checking out all the cool entries.

My entry is from my WiP#3, working title: Wrapping Paper. Sorry, I did go over the 250 limit. I know I'm a bad hostess.

The deep rumble of the ocean thundered in my ears, drowning out the music that blasted behind me. Cool sand squished between my toes as I stepped off the boardwalk. I found a spot to sit, and inhaled the salt infested air, invigorating my lungs. The stares and whispers of the others, especially Lacey, made me leave the party. So far, Auntie Claire didn’t notice. Was I really that different? Would I ever fit in?

“Hey,” a soft male voice whispered. “Can I?” Will stood there in his baggy plaid shorts and navy blue T-shirt, pointing to the empty spot next to me.

A slight tingle ran up my spine. “Yeah, sure.” Not having a lot of contact with teenage boys, left me with waves of odd sensations in my stomach.

Will sat, propping his elbows on his knees. “Not into parties?” The light breeze sent ripples across his shirt. He dangled the neck of his beer bottle between his fingers.

“I…feel a little out of place.” I wrapped the front of my sweater around me, directing my attention towards the water. The moonlight swam on the waves, as each ripple of water slithered towards the beach.

He looked over his shoulder. “Claire knows how to take advantage of a holiday…well…she finds any excuse to throw a party.”

“She sure does. Christmas on the Fourth of July? That takes some planning.” I brought my knees to my chest.

Will smiled, and shook his head. “Not into Santa hats?”
I heard my Aunt’s flirtatious giggle and hugged my knees even tighter. She knew how to be social. I should learn from her, but it wasn’t me.

“I just don’t know that many people.”

“You’ll get to know them. We all have one year left.” He elbowed my arm. “And I’ll protect you from Lacey and her piranhas.”

“She’s seems…” I bit my lip.

“Like a b****?”

“Yeah.” I swirled my fingers in the sand, trying to calm the nerves that rose in my chest.

“But my brother likes her so I’ve got to put up with her.” Will kept his eyes on me.


“Nothing.” He sipped his beer, it made a popping sound as it left his lips. “I’m sorry did you want some?”

“No thanks.” I squinted.

“So you don’t drink beer, either? Boy, you must think I’m…”

“Oh, god no. I just never… really… drank it before.” Even though the air held a slight chill, a layer of dew formed on my skin from the embarrassing heat rising in my body.

“Ever?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Never?” My mouth went dry. “God, you must think I’m a...”

“No. you’re just way different than your aunt.”

“What do mean?”

“I just thought you would be more like her. Parties, super social, and doesn’t care if…we drink underage.” His smile curled up his cheek.

“I should go.” I stood up, brushing the excess sand off my back pockets. Me and this conversation were sinking deep into the depths of the raging sea.

“Livie. Wait. Let me start over. I …”

I turned away from him. “It’s okay. I get this a lot. Moving here was a mistake, I should’ve gone to Wisconsin with my cousin.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m trying to... Please, sit, the fireworks are about to start.” I jumped as a loud pop burst in the sky. A red glow cast on the side of his face and highlighted the tips of his hair. “See.” He pointed to the sky. “You’re not going leave me here to watch this by myself, are you?”

I shifted my weight to my back foot, watching his sweet chocolate brown eyes plead with me. He was the only person trying to reach out to me, not like that other girl, Lacey, who just squinted and stared. I licked my lips, swallowed every nerve, and sat back down next to him.

*Nerves twisting in my stomach* Sweat is forming under my arms. I think I will go eat some chocolate. Can't wait to read the others. Have a wonderful day!


  1. That was beautiful Christine! Sweet, very very sweet.

    Just thought I'd let you know, I joined up the blogfest late last night. You've helped me write another scene for my latest wip, so thanks.

  2. I could so feel the atmosphere rushing over me from the beach. Great job. Love the sweet tension.

  3. Hi,

    Oh lovely. First throes of love brewing: chocolate brown eyes and licking of lips! ;)

    Thanks for hosting.


  4. Your a beautiful hostess! I love this one, it was so fun!! This was beautiful I loved it! Who doesn't want Christmas on the 4th of July?!

  5. Oh that was funny (and oh so sweet) with the Christmas on the 4th of July. Great job, Christine. :D

    PS. Do they kiss? :D

  6. Great job with the blogfest!

    I really enjoyed reading your entry, Christine. Your voice and writing style is really good. I like the dialogue and imagery, too. Well done! But now I want to read more...:)

  7. I felt her nervousness. And x-mas should be every day of the year!

  8. I loved the set up. You can really build on that tension. The feelings of being out of place and having a socialite aunt. I shudder to think of it. Nice.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  9. Nice. The setup is intriguing. I especially liked: "The light breeze sent ripples across his shirt."

    A nitpick idea (for your revising) you might want to cut the repeated "ripple" in the next para as it might take away the strength of the first.

    Thanks so much for hosting!

  10. Nice job! I really could picture everything- loved how you used the senses for the imagery. I could also really feel for her not fitting in. I hope you continue to work on this!

  11. This was great, Christine. I was rooting for your characters. Want to see more of their story!

  12. Great entry- Christmas at the fourth of july nice touch!

  13. Such a great description! I love all those sensory details--I felt like I was there! And these characters and their totally realistic awkward conversation hooked me right away! LOVE it!

  14. I loved reading your post! I could feel the characters, and the setting is great.

  15. Good job, Christine. Congratulations on a successful blogfest and entry! :)

  16. I'm not participating but I had to comment. This is very good. I immediately was drawn into the scene and really feel for Livie. You made me care about her in 250 words!

  17. Wonderful descriptions and great tension between your characters. Thanks for hosting such a fun blogfest. Loved it! :D

  18. This is AWESOME Christine! I really loved it. You're so great at hooking me and everyone else apparently. :)

  19. Thanks for hosting the blogfest. I hopped around to every blog. I didn't have a work or WIP with any holiday scenes. Can you believe it? So I just wrote a silly childhood confession which was informal. I'd love to participate in more blogfest's through my author site. Let me know if others are scheduled.

    Author site: What's Charlie Talking About?
    Book Review: Bitsy Bling Books

  20. I don't have any WIPS with holiday scenes so I just wrote about a holiday I like. I enjoyed your scene and am hoping to check out all blogs!

  21. I think this is awesome! I totally got the MC right away, and the fella seems sweet. I'm very much wanting to read on. Great work~ :o)

  22. You did a great job with adding in description of things BESIDES sight! A pretty successful piece, in my opinion :) I did catch you using 'ripple' twice within a two-paragraph span, and it popped me out of the narrative for a second. Just something to look out for! Great job.

    I wish I had holidays in my WiP. I'd totally post it up! All I've got is a birthday.

  23. NIce writing, Christine. I am new to your blog and it's a terrific introduction to your work.

    I enjoyed your rendition of a sweet love story brewing during Christmas in July...


  24. This is really good! Christmas parties in July.. I like it!

  25. This is excellent! I LOVE it, probably my favorite entry!

    Great idea for a blogfest Christine!

  26. Great piece. Interested to know what happens next.
    What a shame I didn't know about this blogfest. It looks great fun. There's been a lot of fests on at the moment, I entered two of them over the weekend. ;O)

  27. SO well written. I enjoyed the give and take between your characters. Thanks for hosting the blogfest. It was fun!

  28. Aw, I really enjoyed this! I hope she starts to feel settled in soon.