Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

I hope you all had a great week. Things were up and down for me, but not boring, that's for sure.

1. I'm having a hard time getting fully into the holiday spirit. I don't know why. I'm usually gushing while I listen to "Do they know it's Christmas?" and I get a warm, fuzzy, but this year it's weird. Maybe because Christmas trees have been up in the stores since September. Who knows? I'm not scrooge, though.

2. One of my cats is a tuxedo cat. Basically, a mix breed that is black and white. I googled it, and it seems my little monster is 200% smarter than the average cat, and could drive a car in an emergency. No lie. Google it. The other characteristics were dead on.

3. I want to find the wizard behind the green curtain that controls my kids. Seriously dude, shut them off at four in the afternoon. Do not push the super turbo button that makes them scream and run out of control. It's like they ate six Pixie Sticks (candy that's basically flavored sugar in a straw), and slurped down a pot of caffeinated coffee. I swear one of their heads started spinning.

4. One of the treats in this house is McDonald's. I know super bad for you, but great for a quick lunch. I don't get much, small fries and a wrap, but I look forward to those fries and when the batch is not good--it's such a disappointment.

5. I sometimes think some kids toys are a little crazy. For example, I saw a commercial for a stuffed pig that lives in a tea cup. Yeah, I was speechless, too. I have to hand it to imagination, though.

6. Once December 1st hits, I think the term crazy driver applies. Yesterday, I ran to the store (not literally, I was driving). Four cars ran a red light, and I was cut off twice. Yes, I do live in the northeast, and some say we are the hurried type, but this is beyond that. Can Christmas give you the crazies?

7. Met up with a CP, and got some brainstorming done (thanks Kelly). I have a whole bunch of stuff to think about. I'm ready to take it on. :) I will give it a few days to process (really, who am I kidding. The first chance I get, I'm working on it).

8. After I came back from our meeting, WiP#3 presented itself in HD quality, in my visions. I may have to do some quick scenes today. Wait, when does that happen (alone time for me)?

Yeah, I would love to be doing this. Artwork by Kaitlyn McCane

9. I remember when I was young I would receive a letter in the mail from Santa. Nowadays, kids can receive a video e-mail message tailored to your child. I did this with my kids, and, well, mouths dropped. If you are a parent, check out this site on how to get Santa's message to your kiddo.

10. I will have a book review next week. Yes, a certain guy named Patch is involved. *sigh*

How was your week?

Any weekend plans?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm having a rough time getting into the holiday spirit, too. I think as we get older, we get bored with the same things. I'm a huge fan of traditions, but I think sometimes we need to fluff them up a bit. lol

    Tuxedo cat?? Love that!

  2. Okay I will admit it, I am a Grinch. But I won't go into detail here.

    When you find the "off" switch for the kids, let me know. I need one too. (is it like the "easy" button?)

    And Monster Baby wants the pig in the teacup for Christmas. Yeah, no. He explodes too.

  3. I'm like Anne. I'm a little Grinchy. But I am going to check out that Santa website. My kids will dig that.

  4. Thanks for the link to the Santa website. I'll have to check it out later. Some of them are home today.

    LOL to # 7 & 8. My dreams don't come in HD. :D

    Have a great weekend, Christine.

  5. last night was great! I still can't believe we picked another "concert night!" I so agree with you on the fries! It totally stinks when they aren't a good batch! Good luck with whatever you're going to work on today!

  6. McDonald's so evil. Bad for you, but SO tasty, SO easy, and makes the kids SO happy. Eff you Mickey D's - no ... no! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

  7. I have a tuxedo cat too. I think he's evil and secretly plots our destruction, so it's not encouraging to know that he's smart. O_O

  8. MMM McDonalds...nope nope! Sounds like an exciting week! My cats do that turbo kid thing right about 7 at night for no reason at all. Lose. Their. Shiz every night! Clockwork. Ah well. Happy weekend!!

  9. Maybe the crazy Christmas drivers are really tuxedo cats in disguise.

  10. There's a tuxedo cat around here . . . I wonder what he's thinking!

  11. There's more crazy drivers because they're all on the phone, trying to decide/remember what present to buy.

  12. I love tuxedo cats! Two of my fosters for the SPCA (that just found homes!) were tuxedo cats and they were soo pretty and sweet. Aw, I miss them, although I'm happy for them and their new home.

    Anyway, my week was sort of crazy, but my weekend should be fun - we're going to see a musical adaptation of A Wonderful Life tonight (which I think might be a good kickstart to the holiday spirit for me, as I'm also not feeling it too much yet!).