Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Facts Friday

Fun Facts Friday. Friday. Already. Holy cow! I'd better get shopping, Christmas is creeping up.This week I did get some writing done. I revised some chapters in WiP#1, and wrote some things for WiP #3. So let me list my week. It may be short.

1. Don't forget  My first blogfest as hostess will be happening right here on Monday, December 13. The Crazy Holiday Blogfest. Now, I have stated 250 words or less. I'm not holding you to that. If you have more, post it, because my post will be longer. Sorry, I didn't realize how many words I pumped out.

2. I will be posting Writing the Next Line Recap on Sunday. Sorry for the delay. A new Writing the Next Line will be posted December 20th.

3. Frankie (Frankie Writes) is holding a contest for Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy Last Sacrifice. Signed. Yes, I want it. I love this series.Winner to be  announced December 17th. Also, check out her 2nd Annual No Kiss blogfest January 2nd.

4. Shannon's Arc giveaway of Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting. Yes, I want this one too. Winner to be announced December 22nd.

5. That was a lot of announcements this morning. Please check my sidebar for other news.

6. This week, I had new windows installed in my house. Pretty painless. Thank god. Now I need to clean. **cringes** Don't run in horror. I have company coming tonight.

7. Unless, I'm alone and writing or reading, I don't like being confined to my house. With the whole window thing, I felt like I had to be here. Not to mention, the temperature outside is like living in the freakin' tundra. It's going to be 29 degrees on Tuesday. Yes, the high. Did I mention I hate don't like the cold?

8. Last Friday, we took the kids to our town's Christmas parade. Now, this parade has grown over the years. It was an hour and forty five minutes long. It feels like forever when you are trying to keep warm. The kids did good though. We stayed till the end to see Santa, of course.  This year, there was an American Idol runner up. The guy with dreads who plays the guitar. I don't watch the show, but this was one of the main attractions.

9. Another attraction, Phil and April Margera. I think a lot of people come to see if their son, Bam Margera shows, but I didn't see him. He is a professional skateboarder/local celeb. If you watched the show, Jackass, you would know who he is. I do see him here a lot, and, well, despite his antics, has brought some publicity to the town, which equals more visitors, which equals--you know where I'm going with this.

10. Wow, I actually made it to number 10. My brain is mush so I will go. What are your plans this weekend?

Don't forget Monday, people, right here. It may take me a while to read all the entries, so don't get mad at me if it takes me a couple of days.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Thanks for all of this. I've been meaning to email you. I messed up. Surprise. I was already involved in a book blog tour the 13th. I have to release my review. But, I've noted that on the top of my post and will post my 250 on Wednesday. Hope that's okay. I really played you up on Wednesday, although that's not hard. You're really wonderful. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Between being on call and doing kid stuff, I'm going to write!

  3. I'm reading LAST SACRIFICE. I'm half way finished and planned to spend several hours today reading more. It's a great book so far. :D

  4. Can't wait for the blogfest! It'll be so much fun to see everyone's entries. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm going to write and read over the weekend, and hope it doesn't go down to nearly zero degrees like they're saying it's going to. :P

  6. You are a plethora of news!

    And I like the cold...

  7. Seems like a busy week! I'll see if I can pull something from my head for your blogfest :) I've never done one before!

  8. I'm with you...cold? Boo! And just Christmas shopping this weekend - hopefully I'll get it all done!