Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Thanks to all of you who participated in Writing the Next Line. You guys did awesome. I will post it later in the week. Hello to my new followers, I will be visiting your blogs soon.

September is a fun month for me. It's my birthday month. Not that I really want to celebrate birthdays anymore. Just the thought of another year older makes me feel old. It also marks one year that I decided to take my writing to a whole new level. That's right. Last year at this time, I decided to take my writing, seriously. It makes me happy and I thought why not. I'm only getting older.

September marks one year that I started writing WiP #1. I had written scenes for it way back in April 2009 and when I say written --I mean in a journal. In fact, everything I had written to that point was in a journal so taking the leap to typing it was a big step. I'm amazed how much I've learned since then and I know I have a lot more to learn. I wish the revisions would speed up a little but I'll get there. I just want it right.

So, I set a goal to finish WiP #1 by the new year. I'm hoping I can. If I don't --oh well. I just hope it's ready by this time next year. I hope to query then. I think it's do able.

Since you folks have put up with me for this long, I decided to hold a contest. A small one. I'll give full details on Friday.

Any new goals for you?

The hubs is off this week so the posts may be quick. I hope everyone has a great day!!


  1. Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday is in September as well. :)

    My goal is to finish the WIP I'm writing right now. I'm at 28,000 and it's YA, so I think I can finish this fall.

  2. Happy birthday month! And good luck completing your WIP.

    My goals are the same: write, edit, query, get an agent, get published, get a job, and buy (be able to afford) a new house.

  3. Yay September!!! Yay for your fabulous birthday month and NEW goals!!!!

    I love autumm, it's my favorite season, and October is by far the best month ever and it's around the corner (not knocking September!)

    I am planning to create new goals, first one: Start and finish Sadie's Story.

  4. Only crazy people don't love fall. It's the most superior season, of course...

    Happy writing anniversary. I don't think I'd be able to remember mine if I tried--just too long ago. I'm sure you'll be able to finish your revisions by next year.

    I'm trying to finish my revisions before NaNoWriMo in November. Ready for something new...

  5. I too love September!!! Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy the week off with hubs!

    My goal is similar to yours...I hope to revise and edit my current WIP and have it ready hopefully before Thanksgiving, but most likely by the new year! Good luck to you...I know we can do it!

  6. Happy birthday! I love September too. The weather has finally changed.

    I'm hoping to wrangle this ms. to completion by the end of next week. I took time out to clean the house - big mistake - to help me break through a snag I've hit. Now the house is upside down and the snag is still there. Oh well.

  7. hi miss christine! wowee i love birthdays cause it means cake and ice cream. i hope you have a real happy one what ever day it is. i got one in october and im gonna be 11. yipee! its neat that you got yourself a good writing goal but dont be too mad at yourself if you dont get it done. some times stuff gets in the way. but you gotta just keep on going and then it could get done for sure. fun stuff got in my way but now im getting back at writing again.
    ...smiles from lenny

  8. Happy Birthday month! And happy anniversary month too :) That's funny because my 'take my writing seriously' moment was in November of last year. :) I know you can make your goal, it is definetly doable :):):)

    I'm here to help anyway I can! Hope you have a good week with the hubs too :) We can postpone our meeting until next week if you want.

  9. How strange I started my WiP...well I think it was last September but then I didn't start really writing it till November. We all work at our own pace and I know you'll get there, it's more than doable. Yay for a contest! I hope you have a great week with you hubs being home.

    PS Either Callie or myself will be emailing you soon. We have the submission but with the really recent events it may take us a bit longer and we still have a lot to discuss. I just wanted to let you know we haven't in any way forgot and will email further details.

  10. Don't worry, I stopped celebrating birthdays a long time ago!

  11. That you are working WIP 1 and have come so far in the first year is inspiring. I always feel so far behind many of my fellow bloggers that I sometimes feel inadequate where I am on my writing journey! My goal this year to hopefully find a writers group that will critique to pieces. I also want to map my novel. But that one seems almost too big for me right now!

  12. Happy birthday! Those are some mighty fine goals you've got there.

    My goals are to be more adventurous, take more risks, take more chances, etc. I also have 4 first drafts on a flash drive in my desk that I've been dreading, so I would like to finally bite the bullet and get those ready to send out. Fingers crossed on that one!

  13. It is cool to look back and see progress over time. I'm glad to hear it has given you vision to map out the next steps of where you want to go. (September birthay here, too.)

  14. Happy Birthday - the Autumn is definately one of my favorite seasons :-)

  15. Happy writing anniversary! (I feel the same way about birthdays.)

    It sounds as if you've set yourself a realistic goal, but that you're also okay if the journey takes longer than expected.

    It took me 2 years to finish WHTD -- and that includes 8 months where I gave up and put it away, thinking I might never finish it at all!

  16. Happy birthday month. You know why September is the most common birth month, don't you?

    New goals: Finish my latest book, by golly. It was supposed to be done by now!

    So the new goal is Halloween. I can knock it out, if I keep to my writing schedule.

    - Eric

  17. Our birthday is getting closer and closer. Not that it matters, the other day I couldn't even remember how old I was. LOL.

  18. New goal: no new goals. Give myself a small break and enjoy the accomplishments of my friends.

    Happy birthday month Christine.


  19. Happy Birthday Month...to you and your WiP!
    Good luck with your goals...and be kind to yourself.

    Also, it's still 90 damn degrees here and I'm waiting impatiently for some autumnal weather. *taps foot* *tap tap tap*

    Happy Humpday,

  20. Happy Birthday month, Christine! I've always liked September people. They are cool! Good luck on the writing goals. I need to set some for myself, and you're my inspiration to do just that. Have a great week.

  21. I love the month of September. The name, the weather, all of it. Happy Birthday!

    Setting goals is the only way to go. I never get anything done unless I set a finish date. So stick to it and push yourself; you'll get there!

  22. Well, happy birthday! I love Sept and the fall in general (because my b-day is coming up too) LOL
    New goals? To put my but in gear and finish my wip before the end of the year too.

  23. I'm so glad you decided to take writing seriously- seriously, I am! If you didn't we never would have met one year ago in September and never would have been able to support each other. You have been such a huge encouragement to me this past year!!! And, you can finish. I know you can!

  24. Yay for birthdays :) And good luck finishing your WIP, my goal is to finish mine by the end of this month - it's getting close!