Monday, September 13, 2010

Difficult decisions

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How was everyone's weekend? Full of productivity, I hope. :) My weekend was full of --let's just say it--craziness. I apologize for not commenting lately. We all know it's that time of year-- schedules shift, kids back in school, etc. Plus the hubs was off last week so not much writing or blogging got done. Not to mention reading. I have a book due for the book club I'm in and I'm not even half way through it. Things happen. Life gets in the way.

Still through it all, I couldn't stop thinking about writing. My brain constantly thought of ways to make my WiPs better, MCs spoke to me and a few new ideas started to filter in. My brain is packed. I hope to lessen the load this week.
To top it all off--the hubs and I made a decision to redo our kitchen. I couldn't believe he brought it up but hey I'm not stopping it. So this made my mind go into a tizzy--yes I said tizzy.

You would think that since I'm an interior designer I would be all over this which I am but the issue is--I sometimes have a hard time making decisions for myself. I can redo a whole house for someone I don't know and they love it but when it comes to me and my space--I stare at the room like a deer in headlights. Come to think of it, this is the way I'm feeling about everything I'm doing lately.

WiP#1 has got me stumped. I know what most of the story is --I have a finished first draft (not a great one but the bones are there.) The problem is I feel like I have to get the beginning right to finish my revisions. I have written chapter 1 at least 10 times. The last two revisions I love but I have to pick one and well I'm not sure which one I like better. One would allow me to stay in one POV the other will make me write the whole story from two POVs. I know it's a decision I have to make but one that is very difficult. Just like selections for my kitchen.

I know my CPs have read WiP #1 a million times (God bless them) and I know what their pick is. :) I love you girls. Their input is helping me make the decision.

How do you make difficult decisions for your manuscripts?

If you are a Teen Fire member--I posted on the writers forum the chapter that most likely will be my chapter 1. I would love your input. I'm only leaving it up for a week so if you get a chance your input would be greatly appreciated. Maybe next week I'll post the other one just to see the opinions.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! I'll post the recap of Writing the Next Line on Wednesday. Now go to Elliot's and Crystal's sites!:)


  1. This advice is going to suck, but it's all I got: do both and decide then. I know. That's twice the work. But you might find it just clicks that way.

  2. How do I make a difficult decision for my ms? I go running. My mind often drifts to the issue and before you know it (most of the time) I have a solution by the time I get home.

  3. I am SO indecisive too! I love that little cartoon, it made me laugh :) Welllll, since you know my choice I'll keep my mouth shut. But I think that when you have a strong gut feeling one way, when the same thought keeps running through our head, that is the way to go! Just me and my own crazy little opinion. I'm all about 'feeling it'.

    Don't know if that's being brave or just naive, but it's how I roll :)

    Good luck! Either way will be FANTASTIC!

    And thank you very much for that lovely shout out friend :)

  4. I write from many different POV. SOmetimes a certain POV just fits better. That's my 2 cents.


  5. i guess for me, and this will be absolutely no help to you, i try to make all the difficult decisions before i write the first draft. Because i hate rewriting so much, it's imperative i avoid that from the start

  6. I stew over difficult decisions until one certain way presents itself to me.

    Good luck!

  7. I love your blog, especially how you post blogfests and contests! And good luck with the kitchen! :)

  8. I bounce some ideas off my wife and test readers - and then just plunge ahead with what felt best to me.

  9. I love that cartoon. For me, in order to make a difficult decision, I have to *feel* it. When I do, then I stick to it. I'm usually right, but sometimes I'm not. And that's okay.

  10. Thanks for the links!

    And good luck with your MS. For difficult decisions, I try to take a step back - maybe give it a day or two. Good luck!

  11. I love the picture, Christine. I feel like that all the time. ALL THE TIME!! But YAY for being able to remodel the kitchen. I want to remodel ours so bad. Maybe after Christmas! I hope you get lots done this week!!

  12. Thanks for the contest links! I'll check them out! Making decisions is a real drag, but it's all in a day's work. I'm afraid I don't have any good advice for you:)

    Btw, I have a contest going at my blog, and if you'd put a link in your sidebar, I'd be really grateful:)

  13. Tizzy is an awesome word and shold defintely be used in every possible context.

    If you're really stuck on the beginning, maybe you should leave writing and revising andj ust plan out exactly what you want from your opening and then read it again and see if it is succeeding. If it isn't, then try to figure out why not.

    Best of luck with your writing.

  14. I was going to say, leave chapter 1 alone, go on with your revisions, and come back to it later. But if your choice dictates the point of view of the whole rest of the book ... then I see the problem. I'll pop over to Teen Fire and take a look. (Would you consider posting them both?)

  15. Hmm, with the difficult decisions I use a mixture of gut and CP feedback. My CP are awesome at kicking my butt into gear to focus on what's important in a chapter.
    I think sometimes our gut knows what to do. It all depends on if you want to leave the POV as it is, or rewrite it. I know you'll make the best choice for you. Good luck.

  16. ...not sure if this will help or not, but whenever stumped on a project, I flip it the finger and part ways for a week or so. (Reflection time)
    It's amazing what the mind can do after a some time away, returning with an all new take on the situation. Works for me every time.

    Christine, thanks so much for linking my post. It was a fun write, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your blog has always been one of my faves, therefore you were naturally included in the celebration:)

  17. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut instinct! I know what you mean about the beginning though. If my first chapters aren't dead on, I feel like I can't move forward.

  18. Fortunately I have a terrific editor to help me. But overall all I look for data dump, redundancies, and filler material to eliminate. Then I look for sections I can take out and place in my junkyard. I can always go back at a later date, pick a part, and reuse it somewhere else or in another WIP.

    Stephen Tremp

  19. Love that cartoon pic!

    I think it's the way we're made to be, thinking and stewing and fretting over it. Sometimes I have to separate myself from my WIP troubles, for distance and clarity. It could be getting up and going for a walk outside, for immediate help, or closing my doc and leaving it behind for a few days.

    Best to you, Christine!

  20. It sounds like you need to take a step back from chapter one. Worry about other parts right now. In my experience, I play around with Chap 1 the most. But at some point, I save it for the end of revisions.

    Use Stephen King's 3-week rule, if you can. Good luck!

  21. That's a tough one. Sometimes my stories are so fluid, I could really go either way and be equally content. Plus there's the added bonus of being insecure and forever worrying that you've made the wrong choice. Or maybe that's just me. ;)

  22. Leading others to decisions is so much easier sometimes than making our own! I have to rest a piece of writing for at least two weeks before I can make major decisions that could end up being revisions.