Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Psst...Is that a 100 follower contest I see?

Well, well, well, I hit the big one.  Wa-hoo! party time.  Turn up the music, dance and break out the martinis. I really wish we could all meet and celebrate. Why is reaching 100 followers so important? I don't know it just is. It may be because I still can't believe that 100 people think I'm that  interesting or think that I can call myself a writer.  When I first started, I thought no one would want to even look at my blog--except for Kelly (Kelly Compositions--who is awesome and told me to start this.) Thanks Kelly!

I guess I thought people might laugh at my work and tell me I have no business even trying to pursue publishing anything I wrote but you guys have told me differently. So I believe you and trust me I have a fire that is burning in my gut to keep going.

You want to know about the contest, right? Oh yeah, the contest. Since I'm so not qualified to host a writing contest (which I think are really cool), I'll be giving away some great stuff.

Before I tell you the prizes let me just say I want to change the word followers to something different.  I'm not sure to what yet and if you have suggestions please tell me.

Right prizes--it's killing you isn't it.

O.k. So I have never done this before so I tried to pick up ideas from other contests. 

Are you ready--

The winner will receive:

1. Your choice of one of these fine prints (8" x 10")  from Kaitlyn McCane (Check out her blog, website, and ETSY site).  She is a super cool illustrator and her work  is adorable. I thought one of these could decorate your favorite writing spot (I'm an interior designer hence the decoration).
Option 1

Option 2

2. To help get your reader "hooked"--You will receive a copy of Hooked by Les Edgerton.

3. I'm also including a $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon (your choice).

4. To help cure your munchies --a bag of M & M's (dark or regular your choice).

Well, what do you think? You even get to choose some of your prizes.


1. Leave a comment (Let me know what inspires you to write). +1

2. If you are a old follower of the blog (Follower before March 31st)  +2

3. New follower +1

4. Bring a friend to this blog (they have to mention you in their comment) +1

5. Blog about this contest (leave a link in your comment) +2

6. Blab about this on other sites - Twitter, FB, etc. (leave a link in your comment) +1

7. Add to your sidebar +1

8. Total your score in your comment +1

Contest ends: April 7th at 11:59 pm and I'll use for the drawing.
Any questions just let me know. 
Thank you to Michelle McLean for taking my count to the big 100.
Thank you for all your thoughtful words yesterday.  I'm thankful for all of you.
Good luck! (Boy, that's a lot of thank yous).