Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Contest post.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday.  I love SNIS thanks Frankie.
O.k. folks I know I am only posting M/W/F but I had to do a contest post.

Get over to Kelly's (Kelly Compositions) for her 100 follower contest. Prizes--Book (How to write the Breakout Novel, gift card and journal (really nice).  Tell her I sent you :) Go Kelly!

Get over to Chimera Critiques- Go to their site and enter to win a gift card and an in depth critique.

Twilight fans--get your butt over to Kimberly Franklin and Kristi from Random Daily Thoughts to enter for some Twilight lovlies. Ahhh... can't wait till Eclipse.

I will do my award and meme post later in the week. I have to go wrangle some kiddos.  My son is the next Evil Kinevil. I am not sure I spelled that right.  I also have to get crackin' on my revisions. Ian and Anna are getting upset again.  I know this is premature but I am thinking of a contest for 100 followers so when I get there I hope I make you folks happy:)

Have a great day!