Monday, April 29, 2013

Random things

It's Monday and rainy here so it makes me sleepy, but I have some things to share.

-Dianne Salerni's new release, THE CAGED GRAVES, will be out this month (May 14, 2013). Keep an eye out, it looks and sounds awesome.
Pretty, pretty cover.
-Yes, I'm still revising like crazy. Music is still creating visions of my characters, which I love. I've mentioned this several times. This week I've been really listening to the new Depeche Mode release. Yes, that synth pop band from the 80s. They have been producing music all these years, and they are one of my favorites. Here's the song that will be added to my latest WiP's playlist. It will sit beside Silversun Pickups. Total love.

-I'm feeling more comfortable with my writing process and doing things my way, which feels great and helps with the flow of things.

-I am scared to finish my latest revision because that means I'm closer to handing it to betas and it scares me cause, well, you know. Yes, I still get all nervy inside letting anyone read my stuff, but I know it will only help me improve.
See totally random. Plus, it's Monday and I'm sleepy.

What's new with you?

Any new books you are excited about?

Have a great day!!


  1. I didn't know Depeche Mode was still around.

    I'm always excited about new books. I can't think of any specific titles right now, though.

  2. Don't be worried about letting your critique partners read it. If you've chosen good ones, their feedback will be really beneficial.

  3. If you're feeling more comfortable with your process, I'm sure that's going to show in your writing....don't worry! :)

  4. The Cages Graves - wow. Lovely cover. That totally looks intriguing! My daughter and I (weird, I know, but...) took a drive through a local graveyard recently and were fascinated by some of the older headstones. I would totally read this book. :)

    And I love DP!! Totally know they're still around ~ the best bands stick around forever!

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  6. Hello there, Christine

    I found you through Alex's IWSG.

    Caged Graves sounds like it could be a good read.

    It's interesting that you use music when you write. I prefer quiet but shall have to try your method. I'll probably go with instrumental though - at least in the beginning...

  7. Oh, thanks for the reminder of Dianne's release date! And, I understand scared!

  8. Aw, Christine! Thanks! :D

    I just stumbled across this post today. Back on Monday, I was still pushing to get through revisions. I finally feel like I've broken through the worst part, now that I made it all the way through the manuscript. Two weeks to polish it and shine it up, and then I send it off the day before CG releases (and hopefully relax and enjoy the excitement)!