Monday, April 22, 2013

Simply complex

It's funny how writing can make you feel. I know I've discussed this many times here. It does make me happy. I know I could never quit because the visions and ideas in my head never go away. Um, don't commit me now, you know the feeling. So I know I would have to keep writing so I can appease this issue. I've accepted it may take a while. Yes, other's will surpass me and who may have started after I did. This I'm fine with, which is quite freeing, if I do say so myself.

What's happening now is still the fear of never getting there. Yes, this is common. Yes, I've improved, slowly, which is another story, but let's face it, I can't compare to anything so improvement is really left up to interpretation. I guess my problem is why I keep picking the most complicated things to write. Why can't I keep it simple? Why do I have to continually over challenge myself with complex characters and plots? This is what's frustrating. I can't keep things simple in anything I do. The first novel I finished I did it from two, yes, two POVs (a girl and a boy), why? I hope to one day come back to it, but why can't I just write at the level I'm ready for now.

So, for my current manuscript, I'm writing a character inside another character. Seriously, I'm insane. You would think since I didn't really get far with the other two novels that are complex, I'm not with this. I'm trying to stay positive, reminding myself there are reasons for this and this will make me stronger, but there are times when I wonder if I really am. Have I become a stronger writer? Have I made progress? Will any story I write be simple?

I'm not sure of the answers, yet. Hopefully, one day I will. Even though it's frustrating, I have to accept it, because to stop writing would be like never eating chocolate again. Okay, it would be more than that, more like a piece of my heart would be missing.

So what are your thoughts? Do you write things that are super complex? How do you solve this issue?

Have a great day!!


  1. My first drafts are usually hideously complex (and a mess), and that's because I don't truly understand my story yet. It's only when I work on the second draft that I see what needs to be simplified -- what subplots bring nothing to the story, what characters don't have to be there, etc. This just might be your process, Christine, and maybe your next step is to look at all first drafts as a really long brainstorming process.

  2. You'll have to dig deep, but I bet you can pull it off.
    I write simple. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not. My books won't ever win any awards, that's for sure.

  3. Writers are such kindred spirits. It's nice to know I am not the only one with fearful feelings. I am a working mother as well, and I find it so hard sometimes to have hope. I feel you!

    I tend to do the same thing as far as complexity goes. The first book I ever wrote involved world building. It wasn't until I started writing the sequel that I realized just how far I needed to take it. I think it is like Dianne said, not understanding my story yet. Not just that, but understanding where I wanted to go with it. I thought I had planned it out thoroughly, but I realized it just hadn't been enough.

    Keep it up, girl!