Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good old music

I'm on a roll this week. Two posts, look out. :)

As you all know, music is vital to my writing. Certain songs will entice movie-like scenes to appear in my head that usually spark a story. So, I have playlists for every story/manuscript I've written. And it's not one or two songs, it's a lot, we're talking soundtrack.

Over the weekend, I heard a song from my playlist for the first novel that I ever finished. I could see it as clear as day (don't think I'm crazy). I still love that manuscript. Sure, it was my first and all that, but when I see it in my head, I feel it again. It's a book that I shelved and one that I intend to dust off and look at again, one day.

In a way, this thought makes me feel happy cause I'm proud of it and the characters spoke very clearly to me. I know, I'm sounding crazy again. Wait, you're writers so you know what I mean. It's that giddy like feeling where a smile spreads on your face and comfort warms your heart. Okay, I'm getting mushy. First novels have a way to make you feel this way. Because they are your first and it was an exciting adventure. Some people have told me this and it's true, but my first novel is buried in me. It keeps holding on and reminds me of what it could be one day. Yes, I thought about this over the weekend because one song from this book's soundtrack played on the radio. Sigh.

But other things need to be finished before I can revisit the past. I'm focused on my latest manuscript and can't wait to finish this revision. The soundtrack is awesome, if I do say so myself. As soon as I put on the songs, things fall into place and it feels pretty good. *fingers crossed* Yes, I'm still scared to death for anyone to read it. It's that whole everything-I-write-is-crap mentality and the little bug called doubt except I'm starting to learn how to harness the little sucker. I'm getting there.

Working on anything new?

What sparks your muse?

Have a great day!!


  1. I don't have any playlists for my books, but you're right about the first book. While I have no intention of going back to mine (it's for a genre I don't write anymore), I do still think about it.

    I'm working on the outline for my new NA WIP.

  2. I don't have specific playlists, but there are a couple songs that tie with each of my manuscripts.
    And you should revisit that first one again someday. Worked for me!

  3. I have the same situations. There's a song on one of my playlist that I see playing at the very end of my first novel. Even though my novel is shelved as well...I'm confident that I'll return to it one day and give that song a chance! :)