Friday, April 5, 2013

Other things

So, other than revising like crazy, I've been revisiting my photography days. Yes, I was a photography gal back when there was film (I totally just aged myself). Sometimes other hobbies are good to clear the brain. The other day I was stuck on something so my little guy and I went to Longwood Gardens (local place full of flowers and fun stuff for the kiddos). Now, I'm not the best at people photos. I'm more of a nature/architecture snap shooter. Way back in the day, black and white was my thing, but now I allow color. It depends on my mood. So, another thing to do when you're stuck find something you enjoy to tickle the brain.

Photo by Christine Danek
Photo by Christine Danek
No, I'm not going to become a famous photographer. But it is nice to have something that satisfies the creative part of my head when I get stuck on my writing.
What hobbies do you guys have (other than reading books, which is a given)?
Have a great day!!



  1. Very nice! Like the dragon. I see what you mean by black and white, because that one would look good in black and white.
    Other than write, I play my guitar.

  2. I like those shots and the blue in that flower is really striking.

    Besides writing, I like to doodle and play a computer game....or two..

    Left and Write

  3. Hey, we were there a few days ago, too! Isn't it great? Love those hydrangeas. And I always end up taking pics of the Bird of Paradise flowers. Every time I go. I must have a thousand pics of Bird of Paradise.

    I take more nature photos than people photos too. And I was using film waaaay back! Probably when you were just a little girl.

  4. Wow, who knew, Christine? FAB!

    Yes, that's why I love when I get stuck, I can just turn to my jewelry biz and use a different part of my brain!