Friday, October 26, 2012

Why Halloween is awesome.

I love Halloween. I always have. I love the spooky stories, the colors, and okay, the candy is probably my prime motivation. The one thing that I really love about it is that you can be something other than yourself. You can be that super hero you look up to or the monster that invades your nightmares. Halloween can be full of mystery. The shadows from the house lights can take on a whole new life while you're walking down the street to get your treasure. Halloween can also be cute and sweet.

On a normal day, we writers come up with a ton of ideas on everyday things, but Halloween provides us with even more. Yes, more, especially if you're a paranormal/scifi freak like me. It makes me want to write a chilling ghost story or create some sort of monster that eats moldy pumpkins. In a way, it's distracting me from my new story with ideas that want to be written, which isn't a bad thing if you know how to handle them.

Do you like Halloween?

If you do, what's your favorite part?

A short post today. I've got an ear infection that won't quit so I need to get some meds.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love Halloween. Unfortunately it's always cold here, so you don't get to see the costumes buried under the layers of warm clothing.

    Hope your ear infection vanishes very soon, Christine. :) *sends virtual meds*

  2. Being in the UK, Halloween isn't such a big deal but I do love it when the local children come to the door trick or treating. I always make sure I have a large supply of sweets. Bless them.

    As for writing, well I did once write a story called Carving Pumpkins. Lets just say it's not just the pumpkins that got carved!

  3. Sorry about your ear!
    The candy is good. Watching a slew of horror movies that night is even better.

  4. I like Halloween. I think it is really fun to get dressed up and hand out candy to little ones. The kids and their love of the holiday fuels my enjoyment. Good point about the inspirational quality of the season :)