Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy birthday, Lenny!!

Today some of us bloggers are giving very special blogger birthday wishes.
I've got 10 reasons why blogger and writer, Lenny Lee, is awesome.

1. His avatar. It's the sun with a smiley face. It makes my day.

2. He calls me Miss.

3. He leaves the best comments that are supportive and optimistic.

4. He writes the best blog posts. Did you see the post about "words"? I loved it. Good stuff!

5. He is super supportive.

6. He is a brave.

7. He's a great writer.

8. He has a quote on this blog by Walt Disney that is fantastic.

9. He is determined.

10. He is very smart.

Please go a wish Lenny Lee a very Happy Birthday!! He's turning 13!! I can't believe it.

Have a wonderful birthday, Lenny!!

Happy, happy birthday!!


  1. It is hard to believe he's thirteen already, isn't it? I wonder how long before he doesn't say "ack" about the kissing parts of our books?

  2. hi miss christine!

    hanks! thanks! thanks! for remembering my birthday and doing such a cool post and for saying such nice stuff about me. i got the coolest and nicest blogger friends in the whole world.

    ...big hugs from lenny

  3. Great post, Christine. I love that quote from Walt Disney too. And Lenny is so cool. Happy Birthday, Lenny!

  4. Hi Christine and Yay Lenny!

    Such excellent notations about Lenny. And Lenny calls my human, "Mr. Gary". Indeed, Lenny is the epitome of all the sharing, caring ideals that are close to my heart and my human's heart. Thank you for this tribute to a great young man.

    And hey, Lenny, I see you and wishing you a great birthday!

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, now promoted to superstar status! :)

  5. Wonderful post, Christine! Love the cake! Happy Birthday to Lenny!!!