Friday, October 19, 2012

All mixed up.

Lately I've wondered why my one novel (the query one) really didn't get any interest. It hurts . . . a lot. I mean, really, a partial would've made my day with a form rejection, but, hey, I'm getting over it and moving on. The thing I wonder is did I classify it right.

My writing tends to harbor many genres or sub-categories, whatever you want to call them. My science fictions are not your typical scifis and sometimes they are mingling with other genres like paranormal. Is this bad? Is mixing genres a taboo? To me, I'm not sure. It's not like I set out trying to do this. It just happens.

After my first attempt at querying, parts of me are thinking yes.I classified my novel as a scifi, which, technically, it is. Mostly. There are paranormal elements in it, but I was afraid to include that in the description with the fear that I would get a rejection. Obviously, it didn't matter. But is that the reason? Did the agents get confused? I did have one rejection simply say, "It's not the trend."

So, my decision on this was to put it away. The problem I fear is that I will do this again. Other genres will seep into my writing and then I have something that is mixed.

Have you read any novels that are mixed?

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. I think nowadays we just have to accept that agents are after real money-makers, and that it's not necessarily got anything to do with what you write. It's just the way it is now. And no, it's not bad to mix genres. It's not bad to do anything if it's what you love to do.

  2. I have to roll my eyes at the "It's not the trend" rejection. I thought we weren't supposed to write to a trend. I thought we were supposed to create something fresh and start a new trend.

    Since you didn't include the paranormal part of your story in the query, then mixing the genres wasn't the issue. At least not at that point.

    I have the same issue with the book I'm querying. It's YA contemporary with romance. That's fine. But I do have chapters of high suspense and mystery, but there's not enough to call the book a suspense or mystery. So I kept things simple by calling it a contemporary.

  3. I'm sorry! It is all about timing.
    It seems a lot of books blend genres these days. I wouldn't think it was an issue.
    Maybe just wait a few months and try again. As fast as trends change, yours might be the next big thing.

  4. If you feel you queried as the wrong genre, there's nothing stopping you from relabeling your book and sending it all out again. There's no guard dog on agent inboxes. But if you can't think of sending it out under a different genre, then that's a sure sign that you got your genre right.

    Mixing probably doesn't matter much, to readers or agents, as long as that mix makes sense for the plot and is cohesive. As far as I can tell, mixed genres are actually quite hot right now. (I second Alex up there.)

    I don't think agents are as subjective as we'd like to believe they are (unless you're writing an adventure western), or that they "don't care for good writing and just want to make money."

    The simplest answer is probably the most likely: that your query wasn't strong enough, or the story it described wasn't strong enough.

    And that's okay. You are okay. That advice may be the hardest to take, but it's also the most productive. Because it's not a matter of good or bad, it's a matter of ready. And if it is a matter of "ready", it's only a matter of work and time before you make it. Don't give up.

  5. When I queried, my book was equal parts scifi and fantasy, and I said as much in my query. I think you should definitely give yourself a second/third/fourth chance and requery with a revised query.

    And that agent who replied with 'it's not the trend' is obvsly not an agent you want so no big loss there <3

  6. I think there are so many genres that everyone gets confused, and I've seen some agents publically label books under the wrong genre.

    Write what you know and love...and ePublish by yourself.

  7. Alex is right; it IS about timing. Hitting the right agent at the right time. Doesn't mean you shouldn't move on and write something new but who says you have to give up?