Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Drafts

When I write a first draft, I cringe. I like that it's all new and stuff, but I don't like the craziness of it. I want things to be right and good, but with a first draft they're not. I'm getting better with writing first drafts. I still don't like them, but there's no story without them. I used to have anxiety attacks on how horrible they were, but no one has to see it. It's for you, for your story. It's a start.

When you write a first draft, you have to keep in mind that it is a first draft. Go crazy. Mess up. It's okay. Revisions are when you really know the characters and the story. First drafts are like first dates. Ya know that weird, excited, awkward stage where the other person is telling you things and holding back, then telling you things. Yeah. Now, my methods of just writing may not be what you do. I'm more of a panster and I let the characters guide me, but even if you outline, your first draft doesn't have to be perfect.

So don't be scared of that first draft--just write it. It doesn't matter if it's not perfect just let the story flow.

Here's a post I found that's simply wonderful on this topic. Always Write Terrible First Drafts by Carolyn Kaufman

How do you feel when writing your first draft?

Oh and happy belated book birthday to Quantum Coin by E.C. Myers. I got my copy and can't wait to read it. Congrats E.C.!

Have a great day!!


  1. I used to not like first drafts, but now I don't mind them. They're an invitation to get telling out of my system. :D

  2. I grit my teeth and keep my eyes on the horizon. Nothing good ever came from looking over my shoulder.

    Moody Writing

  3. I've found the easiest way for me to do the first draft is to give myself a crazy deadline--like Nanowrimo. Then I know I don't have the time to keep going back and tweaking things.

  4. Considering I plowed through my last two manuscripts during NaNo and BuNo, I'd have to agree with Charity. Not my favorite aspect though. I just want it on the paper so I can do something with it.

  5. Great post! I have to remind myself to keep writing, even when I feel like it's all crap. I'm starting to get that the more I write of my story, the more I learn about my characters and my world.

  6. I've actually come to enjoy all parts of writing - except the synopsis. I still don't like that. But I'm looking forward to playing with my new toy now that I'm about to start querying. Admittedly, first drafts are a little more fun in the beginning ;)

  7. Yup, I totally have a love-hate relationship with first drafts. My new theory is that first drafts are for figuring out what doesn't work. If it sucks, change it, and don't do it again. :)

  8. I'm a little over halfway done with the first draft of my current manuscript and I've found myself repeating things like you've written above. There's so much wrong with it already, and I know that the next half will be just as bad. I just keep telling myself that as soon as I finish - I can fix it all! Turn it into a masterpiece! I just have to finish vomiting it onto the page :p