Friday, September 21, 2012

Passion, hobby or career

The one thing that drives me bonkers is when someone refers to my writing as a hobby. Not that hobbies are bad, it's just that's not what it is to me. It's more than that. Yes, a passion. Something that I want to do all the time. Something that makes me feel good. Something that comes from deep within. But it's also something I want to do as a career or at least try my darnest to get it to that point.

Some people call my other job my career, which yes, it is, but is it because it produces a paycheck? Or is it something that is more, let's say, reliable or predicable or something that seems like a professional job (I'm talking like a 9-5 office type thing although my hours in this profession are not that way). I know anything in the arts is unpredictable. You never know. Plus, it seems (at least to those close to me) it's not a career until that person is successful at it.

If someone is passionate about something they could still be working on a career in it, right? That it still can be a career and even though you don't produce a paycheck or are not, in their eyes, "sucessful" now, everything you do to move towards a possible career in it is basically making it become a career. Make sense?

See this is what I deal with sometimes with ones who are close to me. They support me in everything I do, but always indicate that my writing thing is just a passion or a hobby. It makes me feel like no matter how hard I try they will never see it the way I do unless it produces the green stuff.

It does make it difficult because I want them to understand the feeling that I feel and I always hope that they would see what I want to do and stick by me. See that I'm taking this seriously. It will take years and lots of rejection, but it only makes me want to work harder. Maybe that's why some refer to my writing this way--to make me work harder. But the main reason I want to work harder is because I love it.

How about you? Have you encountered the ones you love may support you, but not whole heartily?
What is your writing to you?

Have a great weekend!! BTW-I'm not liking the new blogger format. It's so frustrating.


  1. I guess most people think of a career as the primary thing you do to make money. I still don't look at my work as an author as a career.
    Prove them wrong by succeeding, Christine!

  2. Totally get this. For me, my writing is my passion, and while, yes, some may look at it as a side hobby, I *want* it to be a career. I feel like those of us taking it to the next step, not just writing for fun or for ourselves, but seeking publication in one form or another, are working towards something larger in a way. And the fact that we do it while keeping up our "other career", in my mind, should only solidify our dedication.

    So, yeah. I'm with you! *grin*

    But, overall, I think friends and family mean well...but sometimes we can be so protective over our writing, because we are so passionate about it, that we take it more personally than it's meant.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. My parents refer to my writing as a hobby. Fortunately my family and mother-in-law are much more supportive. :D

  4. My parents and brother and sister-in-law are incredibly supportive and help me see my writing as a career, not just a hobby. I'm so very lucky to have them!

  5. I'm pretty sure people mock me behind my back. But whatever. I finished, didn't I?

    I think the people who get what it means to create something of this magnitude fully support us and wish us well. Unfortunately, some people just aren't wired to understand the stamina required for such a project - and yes, they think a "career" needs to produce immediate income. I don't fault them; I just secretly judge. :)

  6. I get the same thing from some of the people who are close to me and should know better. I write because I have to. It's like breathing. And yeah, it would be fantastic if I could start getting paid for it... But in the meantime, I could use the moral support.

    Blogger drives me nuts. I'm trying to change the design and it's bleeping frustrating. Shouldn't complain, though. At least it's free!

  7. Sometimes, when I'm talking to people about my writing, I have to stop myself from calling it "my hobby". Truthfully, right now I pursue my writing in a way that someone else might pursue a hobby - it's something I do because it enriches my life and I don't see it as a way to make money.

    But I also want to get published so that people can read my work, and sometimes when I make certain decisions about what project to work on, I think of it as a choice I made "for my writing career". So, somehow, I manage to think of it as both a career and a hobby.

    Which is definitely hard for other people to understand! I think you're always going to get the eyebrow raise when you confess that you like to write.

  8. I completely understand being passionate about writing, I feel the same way. When I realized how much I love to write, I slowly started sharing some of my words with family and friends. They are the ones that encouraged me to pursue it further. So I am very blessed with a great support system.

    I see my writing as a career even if I never earn a paycheck from it, because it is my passion. It is something I know I have to do, just like I have to eat and sleep. My dedication and efforts make it more than a hobby.

    I completely understand how you feel. Thank you for the great reminder; it's always nice knowing I'm not the only one in the aspiring writer boat. We all lift eachother up.

    I'm loving your posts so I am following you over at my blog now :)