Monday, September 24, 2012

Music is inspiring me again

Thank goodness Silversun Pickups came out with a new album. Well, I have to say, I was scared because you know when bands put out a kick butt album that knocks your socks off and basically sets off scene after scene of a story, playing out in your head that you have to write-it-now and wear out the CD. *takes in a breath* That's what Silversun Pickups last album did to me. I do like their earlier stuff, but their last album set off a chain reaction that led to a whole manuscript. So now, they've released a new album, and at first I was hesistant. What if I don't like it? Ya know how an album can become a security blanket and something new never compares.
Silversun Pickups
Neck of the Woods

So, I got it, and I LOVE it. There's something about this band that sets off fireworks in my brain, allowing me to see scenes of my story that I need to see. It's weird. My current MS is a challenge. I love it when I read it, but parts have me stumped. In my crazy ways, I skip around and write scenes that are clear. Not efficient, I know, but it's how I work. I've listened to this CD a dozen times, if not more (keep in mind I have two small kids so I only get to really listen to it in the car, while my kids fight in the backseat), and it jumped started lots. It's amazing what can set off your brain.

Short and sweet today. I have to finish writing notes to an MS critique for a crit partner and I must start writing these scenes before this CD melts in the player.

How was your weekend?

What sets off your brain to a full electrical storm?

Have a great day!


  1. I haven't heard of this CD. But that's no surprise, lately. There are so many new singers/groups out there. I get lost at times. lol

  2. You get to listen to non-kiddie music in the car with young kids????? How???? When mine were younger, only kidding CDs were allowed. Now that they're older, it's pop music, which my husband had to get used to. He's more of a classic rock guy.

  3. So pleased their album lived up to your expectations. There is nothing worse than a disappointing album from a favourite band.

    Like you, I have certain albums that kick-start my creativity and I will play them to death. Fame Monster by Lady GaGa (the follow up was awful) and the Bladerunner score by Vangelis are two examples. Individual tracks sometimes work as well. My Death by David Bowie brings out the macabre in me.

  4. Glad the new album measured up to the last one! That's always a concern when one album is just epic beyond words.

  5. Ooh, you know who gets my writerly blood pumping? Two Steps From Hell. Yup. Their orchestral--which is ironic considering the name, but as a composer I marvel and the musical genius. I can't listen to just anything because I get annoyed by poor, repetitive or overused technique. How sad is that? (Total music snob here.) I think the other great motivator for me is a truly artistic image, one that takes the mind on a journey. Guess those two things speak to what kind of learner I am, eh? It would be interesting to analyze writer's inspirational sources in correlation with learning styles...

  6. Hey if jumping around works for you, I say SO WHAT?!? Okay now I'm just plain curious about this album--off to Google.

  7. I'm off to listen to them! Love when you find music that inspires you. Good luck with the manuscript!

  8. Wow! I've never even heard of this band before, but now I feel like I absolutely *must* hear their music. It sounds inspiring!

  9. I really like to listen to music, and I agree that sometimes it can inspire you. I've never heard of this band before, so thanks for this introduction!

  10. You still buy CDs? Welcome to the '90s! (says the guy whose 2003 Tahoe doesn't even have a built-in GPS)

    I'll have to check out the SSPU album. It's about that time of the month when I start peckering around for a new music list to play. I was thinking about looking into Gracie Potter & the Nocturnals. I'm kinda digging hardcore chick-bands these days.

    - Eric