Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Facts Friday.

Another week, another Friday. On with the facts.

1. I'm excited for my new project and am in the "I love you" phase. Yeah, I know it's only a matter of time till it's the "I need a break from you" phase.

2. I got to meet Beth Kephart (YOU ARE MY ONLY), E.C. Myers (FAIR COIN), and Elisa Ludwig (PRETTY CROOKED) this week. They were signing at an Educators Appreciation event at the Barnes and Noble in Exton. They were there with K. M. Walton (CRACKED), Dianne Salerni (WE HEAR THE DEAD), and Amy Garvey (COLD KISS). Wonderful folks. Now go check out their sites and their books. Let me give you a hint--all of them are awesome. Oh, I can't forget the two lovely authors with adorable picture books--Monica Carnesi (LITTLE DOG LOST) and Ame Dyckman (BOY + BOT). Yes, full of awesome!

3. The Simon Larter has a story published in the Space Battles: Full Throttle Space Tales #6. Go check it out.

3. Trying to figure out your style--go check out this post from

4. Need inspiration--Check out this post from Writes by Moonlight.

5. A couple of more posts I need to share. I don't usually find this many, but hey, it's been that kind of week.

A post by the lovely Stina Lindenblatt on Subtext.

How to deal with patience on the road to publication from Novel Rocket.

What to look for in your final edits from Nail Your Novel.

6. I've also added to my book collection, Edgar Allen Poe--Complete Tales and Poems. I have hearts dancing all around when I look at it, and they're not in the floorboards.

Do you have any fun facts to share?

Have a great weekend!


  1. While I work on my revision request, my shiny new (okay, maybe not so shiny) first draft is away on vacation. As much as I love my RR WIP (since it's changed so much, it's even more exciting), I'm almost ready to send my first draft a 'wish you were here' post card. I'm looking forward to revisit it.:)

    Thanks for the mention, Christine. :D

  2. So happy you are in the I Love You stage! Yay!

    Stina and I are in the same position, right now. We chatted about it the other day. Per an agents suggestions, I'm adding umph to my opening, which I'll send to her, and waiting on her response to my synopsis. :D

  3. I knew Simon had a story in that anthology! I follow Bryan Thomas Schmidt, who's not just the editor, but he also has two stories in the book.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Christine! You rock! :D