Monday, April 16, 2012

Comfort food

My weekend was a bit...disappointing, and yet, eye opening. I'm not going into full details. Trust me, totally not worth it. So, I will make this short. While querying, you need comfort food or comfort something (could be alcohol). I'm not saying go off the deep end here, just something that soothes your mental state.

For me. Chocolate and lots of it. Of course, this household has tons, thanks to the Easter bunny. Also, ice cream. I did have a beer or two, but I didn't go crazy.

Now, I have to exercise double time to get this off, but at the time it felt good. It helped.

Another thing that helped were friends who understood. That was the best comfort of all.

Thanks guys. We will all have moments on this journey and it's always nice to know someone is there to listen.

So, what is your comfort in time of need?

Any goals this week?

I will be focusing on something new and something I've finished (revisions). The whole bounce back and forth thing. I'm writing on and looking forward.

I will have info soon on the blogfest for Elana Johnson. She will also be guest blogging, right here, in June.

Have a great day!


  1. I grab an ice cold Coca-cola and a bag of Sour Patch Kids. If I am experiencing sweet and sour moments I figured no one understands like those kids. It seems to get me through the rough patches.

    Goals this week: To write every day. Even if it's just one hundred words. I'm just trying to get out of a bad rut!

    With love - Jen from Unedited

  2. I just ran out of my Kisses stash. :( I need to get a refill.

    *hugs* for what you were going through. We've all been there.

    My goal (other than to do laundry and clean the bathrooms) is to edit five chapters. I'm being slow and thorough. :)

  3. Ah yes, lovely revisions. Been there. And yes, hugs, for whatever you're going through!

    This week I'm putting my writing aside b/c I leave Friday for a conference and I have family coming in too. So I'm taking care of smaller writing to dos like updating my blog,...etc.

    I try and stay away from munchies but it doesn't always work!

  4. I actually don't have a commfort during times of need. Wait...YES I do! It's my crit partner, Sarah! She always helps me ;-)


  5. I've had a similar week - and find that M&Ms and coffee go well together ;-) Hang in there and remember that all that Easter candy is now half off... and we all know there are less calories when it's on sale ;-)

  6. Chocolate is a great choice. If it's later at night, even a glass of wine works. I also love Sugar Babies.

    I'll be working on the opening I mentioned to you, and then hopefully sending out a full. *shrugs Just never know though, right?

  7. Well, usually my comfort choice would be a beer or a glass of wine, but since I'm preggers, I've been eating ice cream or chocolate as well...actually anything sweet and not good for you! I also rely on friends (as you know...). We just got to keep our chins up!

  8. Sorry it was a bummer week. I usually dive into a box of Hot Tamales.

  9. Sorry about your week. I turn to ice cream when I need a pick-me-up. Currently I'm using it to bribe myself.

    Whatever works!

  10. (((((hugs))))))

    I go back and forth between sugary and salty! :D