Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

So I'm making this another quick one. Why? Many of you are doing NaNo so who wants to hear me, and that whole revision thing that I can't seem to finish.

1. Go and congratulate Kate Walton. She has sold her second book. Go give her hugs, hearts, maybe a happy dance. You go Kate!

2. I've eaten a ton of chocolate this week and still want more. Problem? maybe.

3. Go give Lydia Kang congrats. Her YA Sci-fi, THE FOUNTAIN, will be released in 2013. Go Lydia!

4. Watched GRIMM last week. I have to say I'm interested. Of course, David Greenwalt has something to with that (remember ANGEL?). I do think some things have to be worked out, but I'll keep watching. For now.

5. Totally in love with the new Blink-182 album (cd? I don't think they are called albums anymore). I so heart this band (okay, been in love with them for a long time--years). I just can't listen to it when the kids are around. :)

That's it. Any news? Any new shows you like? Any new music you are hearting?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congrats to Kate and Lydia! Yep, they're still called albums :o)

  2. I have no idea who that band is. I still have trouble keeping track of the Rolling Stones.

    Great news about Kate and Lydia.

    Keep on plugging away at your revisions. I know they'll be great when you're done.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you for sharing in my excitement, Christine!

    As for new music, I've experienced a tragedy. When I updated my iPhone's operating system to 5.0 last weekend it wiped all of my apps away. Including my precious Shazam. I did get the apps back, but all of my Shazamed music is G O N E. Songs I'd hear and Shazam while watching MTVu or hear on SirusU are all gone. All gone.

    I know as far as tragedies go, this one is tiny but, I still shed a tear.

  4. I'm currently in love with Adele's 21 album.

  5. I'm doing Nano. And failing. Miserably:)

  6. I still call them albums. And I've actually heard of Blink-182.

    Already congratulated Kate and Lydia. And eaten too much chocolate. Yes, I actually got sick of chocolate -- there's a first time for everything! Blame it on the fact that we hardly had any trick-or-treaters.

    Have a nice weekend.

  7. I didn't know about Kate's big news. At least I knew about Lydia's. So I'm not completely under a rock.

    I saw Grimm. I liked it, but not enough to keep watching. I think the premise is cool, though.

    Have a great weekend, Christine!

  8. I'm kind of liking Grimm, too, though I haven't really connected with the characters yet. We'll see how it goes. Have a great weekend!

  9. I haven't heard about this Grimm. Going to research it now. Congrats to the new releases.

  10. I already congratulated Lydia and Kate. Lydia has a HUGE earthshattering book deal anyway so anything I say on top of that would just get swallowed in the black hole created by a million comments.

    I too am watching Grimm :) We should compare notes.

  11. Ooh, GRIMM? Don't hit me, but what am I missing?

    Congrats to Kate & Lydia!!