Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun Facts Friday

Another crazy week and I'm liking the warmer weather minus the thunderstorms at night (mother nature are you listening). On with the facts:

1. I'm being critiqued at Dianne Salerni's blog and Marcy Hatch's blog today. Thank you ladies!!Please check it out and rip it apart give me some feedback. Disclaimer: It's a first draft. *reaches for chocolate*
That's me testing the waters with my new MS.

2. My favorite summer activity is going to the beach. The smell of the salt air mixed with greasy food makes my mind wander and dream so I'll probably have more ideas.

3. Check out Karen Akins blog. Go congratulate her, she has a book deal!! Congrats Karen!

4. Mark your calenders for WriteOnCon (if you haven't already). It's always full of great info and opportunity.

5. Elana Johnson will be guest posting, right here, on June 15th. Her book SURRENDER will be out next Tuesday, June, 5th.

6. Tip: Don't try and write after an eye doctor appointment. Why? If you get pupil dilation drops, yeah, it makes reading blurry. Not good. It amazes me that they let you drive after that.

Any news?

What are your plans for summer?

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer time? (Minus writing, that's a given).

Have a great weekend!!


  1. My boys have eyes appointments today. I hope they don't get drops. I was hoping to send at least one of them back to school afterwards. :)

    I've pre-ordered Elana's book. :D

    My plans for the summer involve editing my new novel and keeping my kids out of trouble. Plus I'm going to Anaheim for the RWA nationals in July.

  2. My plan for June is to get in shape and make some headway on my new WIP (kind of hoping I might complete the 30k June challenge but haven't entered officially). July I'm going to be going back home to the U.S. to visit family all month. As you mentioned, August is WriteOnCon and I'm hoping to have a polished draft to submit to boards. *Off to Dainne's blog to see your first 250 words!*

  3. My favorite thing is to hide in a cool movie theater. It's too humid outside!
    I'm hosting Elana on her tour as well.

  4. I don't have a beach too close (unless you count Galveston, but that beach smells), so I hang out at the pool. Which I LOVE. :)

  5. I really liked your first page. Unique premise.

  6. 1. It's a very good rough draft.
    2. And I grew up on the beach so I'm thankful to be living on the coast, if not on the beach :)

  7. Man, I wish I lived close enough to a beach to go all the time. There's nothing like the soothing sound of the waves.

    Thank you for the shout-out about SURRENDER. You are too awesome!!