Friday, December 2, 2011

Multiple backups

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Photo removed.
This is how I felt when the virus hit and also how I feel trying to write something new. Funny how the looks go hand and hand.

Last week my computer got hit with a virus. Yeah, completely scary. It was a Malware thing. I'm no tech-head gal so my terms are not legit. It basically froze my computer, flashing a lot of red and saying it could only fix six things and if I want the other eight fixed I had to pay $84.95. Um, no. So I called a friend (who is a savior) to help me through it. We got the computer back up and running. I was saved or so I thought. Yes, my computer worked but when I went to cue up my doc files. Nothing. All  my files gone.

How do you think I felt? Yep, heart melted and an ache pulsed around my eyes traveling to my forehead. But wait, I have an external drive that I back everything up, but I was backing up my files when this virus hit so when I went to search on the external there was nothing. I hear your silence and maybe a gasp. Yeah, I was freaking out. All the pictures of my kids, other info, and all my writing files--gone. Poof. Like it never existed. (Oh story idea--sorry this sometimes happens to me when I encounter scary situations.)

After composing myself (it took a little bit of cursing and tears), I opened Word and went to my recent files. About 12 things showed up and I could open all of them. The hubs told me it's there, it has to be. So after we both did some research, it turned out the virus hid all my files, and since I was backing up at the time, it hid all those files too. Needless to say, I've found everything and lesson learned. Have more than one back up. It also made me realize how much work I've done and how much it means to me. Yes, I knew this before, but I felt so helpless when it was gone almost like a part of me was stolen. It amazes me how words can mean so much.

How many backups do you have?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I don't have an external drive like yours. I did. But 10 months later it malfunctioned. It was under warranty, so I mailed to the States from Canada and they sent me one that didn't work at all. I emailed the company and was told to mail it back (at my expense) and they would send me another one. I told them where to go!

    Now I save my files on a flash stick and the really important ones (e.g anything novel related), I email to myself.

    You were lucky. I was hit by a virus a few years ago (because my husband disagreed with antiviral software. He claimed it slowed down the computer). The tech person at Best Buys told me the files were lost. I had to buy a new computer. Unfortunately I lost some great photos that I hadn't backed up. :(

  2. That particular malware hits a lot of people.
    I back up with both a thumb drive and an external hard drive once a week. Most of my files are on my laptop as well. I leave nothing to chance!

  3. That is so scary! So glad you found your files! :)

  4. I'm so thrilled the virus didn't ax all your work. That has happened to me before. And I've been in the same boat as you. I just got my computer back from computer guy. He found four (yeah, 4) viruses. We backed up everything and then he dumped the computer, fulling flushing it out. I was nervous because my external hard drive had stopped working a few months ago, due to the viruses. I had no idea what was on the hard drive. I won't be able to tell, either. The viruses cooked my external. Blah... But I do have my files, which all look funny because my computer is now naked. No programs to run/open the files. *sighs*

    I think Santa is contemplating buying this writer a new laptop to set under the tree. Geez, I hope so.

  5. I had a problem last night with my laptop resulting from an automatic update that was corrupt. Scary! My husband stayed up all night fixing it, even though I didn't deserve it because I'd been so cranky with him yesterday.

    *hangs head in shame*

    I was lucky enough to know I'd done a recent backup over Thanksgiving break, but I'll be doing another this weekend.

    Glad you got your files! I KNOW how terrifying that is.

  6. Oh, that would unnerve me too. I back-up my writing folder with all my stories on a flash drive. I also send my stories to my CPs and save them in my email box. I really should have one more back-up somewhere. I need to do the family pictures I have on the computer too. My heart would break if I lost those.

  7. Oh MY GOD! That's completely terrifying. I think I would have been crying. So SO glad you found everything all right. There's a special place in hell for people who develop Malware.

    I really need to get on the multiple backups...

  8. That would freak me out! Thank goodness you found everything. I definitely need to get better at backing up my photos--that's my task for the day now.

  9. yeah, helpless would have been the word. WHEW!

  10. Oh, scary, scary, SCARY! Yikes. So glad you found your files. I'm always paranoid about this kind of stuff...

  11. Yikes! I'm so glad you figured out where your files were. I would've been in tears.

    I back up my stuff on my external hard drive and I e-mail it to myself. I figure if my hard drive and my e-mail go down at the same time...well the universe must be trying to tell me something. ;)

  12. ugh I don't have any back ups. occasionally, I'll email myself a copy of my WIP, but I suck at remembering. I don't want to jinx myself by saying I'm going to regret--errrrrrrrrr. I'LL BE FINE.

  13. hi miss christine! yikes! thats soooo scary. i cried just from not saving stuff.i didnt ever lose everything and if i did for sure id be crying great big tears and using some words im not sposed to use. now im using a stick for my back up. im just soooo happy you got your stuff back.
    ...hugs from lenny

  14. Sounds awful! Thanks for the reminder to back things up. I'm off to do that right now.

  15. My laptop got hit last weekend too, so I took it to a local computer guru yesterday. I still don't know where the virus came from since I'm so extra careful not to click on suspicious links.