Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Mumbles

Grab your favorite wake up beverage and kick back. Yep, I'm still here. I know I've been M.I.A. but I haven't forgotten about you. It's that time of year so things get a little more hectic than usual. I'm not only buying and wrapping up presents, I'm also wrapping up clients (not literally). I've been thinking about the blog and how to freshen it up. I realize that it seems to have strayed off the path I intended. Yes, I did intend to discuss my journey (hence the name), but I think I want to try to focus on being more helpful. Writing posts that inform more about writing than about my woes. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the support and will need it from time to time. It's just something I'm aiming for in the new year.

I usually discuss this closer to the new year, but I've decided to write about it today. What I've learned this year. That's easy lots and lots. I considered this year my sophomore year so here's what stuck out besides the usual show not tell.

1.The big thing--how to take a crit. I know I should've learned this last year but I'm getting better at sorting through feedback and knowing what needs to be fixed and what is opinion.

2. No matter how much you revise, you can do more. At least, that what it seems like. Amp it up is one of the many things. I will be discussing this in a future post.

3. I have the best support group in the world. Okay, I knew this last year, but it's even more evident this year.

4. I've learned more about queries than I ever thought possible and I'm not done yet. The darn thing will get there, I'm sure of it. The hope is to query early in the year.

5. Even though I feel like the oddball, the weird one or just the one who doesn't fit in, I will get there at my own pace. I'm a writer. It may be frustrating, but I know I will not stop till I get there.

6. Realize I still have a long way to go. I'm not that awesome (not that I thought I was awesome in the first place). I've learned how to be a better writer. I see how to write a novel differently. It doesn't mean I'm not giving up my panster style yet. It's just how I write. That probably makes no sense. I'd better go and grab some hot chocolate.

So what did you learn this year?

Stay tuned on my blog for some giveaways--yep they're coming. :)

Have a great day!


  1. So much has changed for me this year. I've learned so much I can't even begin to make a tangible list! But I like those kinds of years!

  2. Take two on my comment. My internet cut of half way. Grr...

    Self-examination is so healthy. I've learned a ton about myself over this past year, but mainly that my lack of self-confidence is what's holding me back. I've taken that by the horns and have worked on it all year. I'm farther ahead then I've ever been in all aspects of my life, so believing in myself (each of us) is fuel.

  3. Glad you took the plunge and put your work out there for critiquing!
    I've learned that blogger buddies are awesome.

  4. You ARE awesome!

    And I love this post. Learning how to sort feedback into the useful and the not-so-useful categories is something I'll have to work at, because it's definitely very important.

  5. I've learned that the world doesn't end if you let someone else read your work :-)

  6. I would have to agree with number five, but I think you already knew that, as we've discussed these thoughts before!

    I think the best thing I learned is that I *am* making progress. Even though my manuscript remains one big mess, the revisions I'm making *are* better. So, it seems I am moving toward my goal, and that makes me think if I keep moving, I'll get there eventually.

    I've also learned I'm just darn slow at this. I'm a paragraph by paragraph kinda guy. I won't be announcing daily word counts by the thousand because I'll never be that person. And I'm starting to accept it.

  7. AWW! We're all pretty much oddballs, right? ^_^

  8. We always have long ways to go as writers. When someone says "I've arrived!" they're being naive. Growth is natural and necessary. The industry is always changing, and we must change, too. Good luck with your revisions and query letter. The new year is approaching fast!

  9. #3, 5, and 6. BIG TIME. another one I've learned is to never compare (success, failure, writing, style, process, speed, etc.)

  10. It would take me several posts to tell what I've learned this year. Let's just say I've learned a lot. :D

  11. Wow, I always feel like the oddball as a writer. Glad I'm not the only one!

    And I'm so happy that you're not literally wrapping up your clients! That was funny.

    Yay for you for learning a lot this year! I've been learning about plot and structure. I need to learn more about revising. And then in 2012 I plan to learn how to query!

  12. Learning how to take crit is tough. Great list you came up with. Love the photo of the coffee. Now I want some.