Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun Facts Friday

I'm making this short today.

1. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on my blog. I will be responding to your comments soon. Things are a little out of whack this week. I really appreciate all your comments and feedback.

2. Yesterday, I accidently shut my cat in my shower. She was there all day so you know what I came home to. Let's just say, I still smell like bleach. I did find a waterless shampoo to clean her that worked great.

3. I'm attending a SCBWI First pages session today.
        a) I'm scared
        b) I'm preparing myself for the worst
         c) There is a chance (according to the information) that my page might not be read. I'm thinking mine is one of them. In which case, I will think it's not being read because it was horrible.
        d) There is a little part of me that's dreaming the agent will love it and want more. I have such a conflicted brain, which we all know will not happen. I just jinxed myself.

4. I'm sad Entourage (on HBO) is almost done. Love that show.

5. I'm thinking the northeast will become a waterworld and I will have to purchase a jet ski to get around. I do have to buy my kids raincoats and get my son an umbrella. Once I do that, it will stop raining. I know it.

6. I'm sad I have not been successful to get decent seats at the Foo Fighters show.

7. Finished PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ by A.S. King and loved it. Too many good things about this book.

What are your weekend plans?

Any fun facts to share?

Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL. Good luck on the reading. You are brave! It is a step in the right direction.

  2. Good luck with your first page. Hopefully it will get read, and they will love it, and lots of good things will happen.

  3. Aw, poor kitty! Don't feel so badly. We woke up this morning, wondering why the dog wouldn't move from my daughter's bed. The dog's collar was caught up in threads of a blanket. Poor dog laid in one position all night long. Practically stiff as a board.

  4. Poor Kitty. Poor Christine.

    Best of luck with your first pages. Positive energy, positive energy.

    Weekend plans involve 20,000 more words on two separate wip. Well, at least I can dream can't I.

  5. Good luck with the first pages. If yours isn't picked, it isn't because it was awful. It's just because they didn't have time, and they wanted to make an example of someone else's.

    Poor kitty. I left my locked in the tiny laundry room. On my wedding day. I remembered he was there during the reception. Fortunately one of my bridesmaids were staying at my husband's and my place, so she let him out once she got back.

  6. I don't think you can read much of anything out of whether yours is picked or not. The fact that you are going is the big part because It'll give you something to mention if you decide to query one of them later.

    Hope your cat's not too mad. What a mess! We're a water world here, too. They closed the schools today due to flooding.

  7. Ack! I love Entourage. I'm still two or three episodes behind, but they're on my DVR.

    Good luck at the conference!

  8. You'll be fine today! I can't wait to hear all about it!!!! I had to laugh about the raincoats comment--so true. I need to get my boys rainboots. As for me, I have a wedding this weekend. Nothing to wear though.

  9. Don't worry about the session! What's the worst that can happen? Hope you get your Foo Fighter tickets. Bet they would be cool to see in concert.
    And a shower is easier to clean than your closet.

  10. Good luck with your pages. I'm sure you'll surprise yourself! My husband is a big Foo Fighters fan too. I agree with Alex about your shower!

  11. Aww I hate when I lock my doggie somewhere( which is worse because he's bigger and harder to miss)!! Good luck and tell us what happens!

  12. LOL! Your cat in the shower? What a hoot!

    I hope you didn't jinx yourself. Share what you learn at the conference, please!

  13. I keep hearing great things about that book. Hmm. Poor kitty! And poor you for having to clean up :(

  14. Sad but funny cat story. I have one of those too. We replanted our grass yesterday and there are soo many birds eating the seed. We went and got a rescued cat at the SPCA to chase them off, and instead she just ran away! Dang it.

  15. Good luck with the conference! And poor cat - and poor you!

  16. Hope First Pages went well! I've been thinking about reading Please Ignore Vera Dietz--it sounds like a great read. I'll definitely check it out now!

  17. Good luck on your page. I'm vegging for the remainder of my weekend.

  18. We need details on the First Pages session? How'd it go?