Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Mumbles

Just saw this and had to draw it to your attention. You can win a query + 30 page MS critique by the lovely Frankie (Frankie Writes). You know you want to, so go and bid on her. The money goes to a great cause--All 4 Alabama. Get over there. The bidding started at 11 and will go on for five days. Go, after you read my post, or go now, and come back. :) I give you options.

On with my post--This was another crazy weekend for me and I made it through. I did get a little writing done last week and it felt so good. The weekend, like I said, was crazy. My dad, my brother and I threw a surprise birthday party for my mom. We've been planning this since March so it's been on my mind. It basically broke down like this.

1. Thursday night --brother comes into town. He lives 3000 miles away so we don't get to see him much. Kids go crazy wanting to play, and they play past their bedtime, making them super hyper giggly.

2. Friday run errands for last minute things.

3. Friday night--totally bummed I couldn't go to Jeri Smith Ready's booksigning in Delaware. Frustrated--yes. I just got Shift and I wanted her to sign it since I have a signed copy of Shade (I love that book.:)). I'm hoping she comes back into town. Hint, hint. Seriously hoping she comes back to my area. Hint, hint.

4. Saturday-recover from not going to the booksigning and focus on the party. Finish making a collage and make sure everything is ready.

5. Since brother is an awesome cook, he makes a spectacular dinner.

6. Wish I could party like my brother can. (He has no kids.)

7.Sunday--Since my dad's birthday is close to my mom's and he told me not in any way, shape or form to surprise him too. I, not listening as usual, purchase a surprise cake for him. I wait, okay, I pace back and forth waiting for his cake to arrive at my house.

8. Surprise cake arrives and my brother and I pack up, go to venue, set up, and greet the guests. Nervous twitches pinch my stomach hoping everything will work out.

9. Brother hides in the bar of the venue as an extra surprise for my mom. My mind switches to writer mode, and I think on how to describe the whole event in story form.

10. Surprise. My mom cries, and we swiftly escort her to the bar where she breaks down in heavy tears, emotionally moving everyone who attended.

11. I realize that even though I complain, and sometimes envy those who don't have kids, I'm happy to have my buggers. The whole party, that was extremely emotional, shed light on what's important--family, friends, and living. It showed me how important family can be. Sure I have my moments, and yeah, I have those jealous times of I want to do what I want, when I want, but when my mom saw all of us and then my brother, it not only hinted at how important we are to her, but how important she is to us. I looked at my kids, with some blurry tears, hugged them tight, and realized how important they are to me.

Have you had any moments of a reality check?

Do you take moments and begin to put them in story form? Writer trait, no?

But I still love my writing too, and yes, determination is still burning hot, which leads me to goals.
1. Read an MS for a CP.
2. Read a chapter for another CP.
3. Write, write, write. I'm starting to get the itch to go back to WiP one and revise, but I know I have to finish WiP two.

How was your weekend?

What are your goals for the week?

Have a great day!


  1. My biggest goal now is to get some rewriting done before school gets let out! We'll see what happens. I'll take as much time as needed though. And spending my time with family and friends is always a reality check.

  2. Oh what a sweet post. I'm glad the surprise party worked out so well. How nice for your mom.

    My goals are largely dependant on whether or not I finish the painting in my mother's kitchen.

  3. Glad to hear the surprises were so well received and appreciated.

    I hope to make some significant progress on drafting book 2, though redoing the query for book 1 and researching book 3 seem to pull me in opposing directions.

  4. My weekend was good :) We had a family reunion/delayed memorial for my Nana, so it was packed with food and drinks and people. All very fun. I got to meet cousins I didn't even know I had.

    My goals for this week are to: pack for my WisCon conference, pack for the Florida wedding I'm going to straight after (not fun... totally different weather at both places, my bag's gonna be HUGE), and to get some reading done. I'd love to write, but I'm not sure I'll have a lot of time before I get home from the trip.

    Glad your surprise went off so well!! That's so sweet <3

  5. This week I need to read and review two books and finish my MS. So, y'know, not much. I *totally* have time to be checking blogs and downloading and using Tweetdeck. *shifty look*
    - Sophia.

  6. Love this post Christine. :) You are just awesome.

  7. Oh, your party for your mom sounds like it was just wonderful! What a great daughter she has ~ :) Family, friends and living - absolutely essential.

    Best of luck with your writing goals!

  8. My goal is to start writing again! I haven't written since before we moved at the beginning of this month.

    Happy birthday to your parents!

  9. ...sounds like a party to remember:) It's those times that bring everything into perspective...and make it all worth it.


  10. Aw, what a beautiful moment! I'm so glad your mother was so happy. And that you got that moment of clarity--I love those moments!

  11. Have fun with your brother and definitely let him cook. lol

    Moments of reality in my family?? Haha...that is an understatement. :)