Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Well, today things are totally random hence the crazy title. I'm catching up and reporting what's happening. Sort of like fun facts Friday, but it's on Wednesday.

1. I finished my revision. Yes, I'm pumped. Now onto edits, then betas. Yikes. I know this process, but no matter how many times I do it, I still get nervous.

2. THE CAGED GRAVES by Dianne Salerni is out. Go check it out and get your copy. Congrats again, Dianne! I attended the signing last night, which was awesome! I can't wait to read it. Dianne is an amazing and talented lady.
The Caged Graves

Blurb (per Barnes and Noble .com):
The year is 1867, and seventeen-year-old Verity Boone is excited to return from Worcester, Massachusetts, to Catawissa, Pennsylvania, the hometown she left when she was just a baby. Now she will finally meet the fiancĂ© she knows only through letters! Soon, however, she discovers two strangely caged graves . . . and learns that one of them is her own mother’s. Verity swears she’ll get to the bottom of why her mother was buried in “unhallowed ground” in this suspenseful teen mystery that swirls with rumors of witchcraft, buried gold from the days of the War of Independence, and even more shocking family secrets.

3. Go and congratulate E.C Myers. FAIR COIN has won the Andre Norton Award. You go, Eugene!Congrats! I'm so excited for him. He is a very talented and awesome guy! So, go, and throw confetti.

Blurb (per
The coin changed Ephraim's life. But how can he change it back?

Sixteen-year-old Ephraim Scott is horrified when he comes home from school and finds his mother unconscious at the kitchen table, clutching a bottle of pills. The reason for her suicide attempt is even more dis­turbing: she thought she'd identified Ephraim's body at the hospital that day.

Among his dead double's belongings, Ephraim finds a strange coin--a coin that grants wishes when he flips it. With a flick of his thumb, he can turn his alcoholic mother into a model parent and catch the eye of the girl he's liked since second grade. But the coin doesn't always change things for the better. And a bad flip can destroy other people's lives as easily as it rebuilds his own.

The coin could give Ephraim everything he's ever wanted--if he learns to control its power before his luck runs out.

4. I'm the new moderator for the Craft Masters Group on YaLitChat. Come on over and say hello and let me know what topics you would like to see covered.

What's new with you?

Have a great day!


  1. Hi, Christine! Thanks for coming to the launch party last night! And I'm SO excited for Eugene! I actually burst into tears when I read the news. (You'd think I'D won the award, lol, but it kinda felt like we all won -- having a local author win such a prestigious award, such a nice guy, and such an awesome sci fi read!)

  2. Thanks, you two! :D

    Congrats on finishing revisions, Christine! I hope I'm not far behind you on my current WIP. And I've gotta grab The Caged Graves soon — love the cover! It already looks like a classic literary work.

  3. Congratulations to the new authors!
    Cool you're a moderator now.

  4. OOOH! Caged Graves sounds twisty and dark and lovely. Thanks for sharing!