Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm back, well, sort of. I can't guarantee a blog schedule yet. September, my friends, September. You can feel my giddy happiness. Yes, I love my kids, but when school is in session it's . . .dare I say it, blissful.

Anywho, I popped in to remind you that WriteOnCon is next week. The writing forums are open now if you want to get some feedback on your pieces before the Ninja Agents wander through. You can polish up your babies with some great feedback. You can also check out the schedule of events. There are lots of good ones.

So what are you waiting for. Go on over. WriteOnCon.

Like I said, I will have more of a schedule in September. I'm trying to write my first draft of my new novel (I hit 21K!!), polish up my current query, and while I'm at it, write another query for another novel I have to revise. Crazy? Maybe. But it's flowing and when I'm in that mode, there's no stopping me.

How's your summer?

Have a great day!!


  1. If you're in the zone, just keep going!
    And you are one away from five hundred followers. Very cool.

  2. Nice to see you! I'm revising/polishing/editing and getting my latest ready for readers before I polish again and send out. Time to start working on that query, methinks :)

  3. Ha, ha ... I know you see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see the oncoming train. Next week is the last week of my summer vacation, and I want to spend it working on my WIP. But I will probably spend my water cooler breaks over at the WriteOnCon critique boards.

  4. Nice to meet you at WriteOnCon! Good job being productive! I'm just trying to finish more revisions and polish my query (have put my other novel on the backburner for a while). I start grad school in two weeks, so I'm trying to finish up before then, eep!

    Also, I tagged you in the Be Inspired Bloghop Meme! Details on my blog :)