Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm there.

So today is sort of a mixed bag of stuff.

On Saturday, I attended PAYA and PLN. Both were so much fun. I got to meet some new authors and catch up with others I haven't seen in a while. These events are great to get out and socialize. I have to say, I've been caught up with life and sort of isolated myself for various reasons. I had some thinking to do and am really trying to find my writerly self again. It feels good and I think I'm there. What do I mean? I'm at that place where I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable with my progress and how I do things. I write slow and I'm okay with it. It's my way. I'm okay with my process of writing. Really, it's not normal, but then again, what is.

I also have few links you need to check out.
1.Overtelling, Overshowing, Overselling by Jane Lebak

2. What Hollywood Will Tell You  (by the lovely Stina Lindenblatt)

3. When Life gives you Lemons by Danyelle Leafty

Some good things will be coming up. So stay tuned.

Any news? How's your progress?

What's your favorite summertime treat? I know that's random, but it's Monday and it's raining here, so yes, I'm random.

Have a great day!!


  1. Glad you're comfortable with yourself and your writing again.
    And you hit five hundred followers - congratulations!

  2. There really is no "normal" when it comes to writing, there is only what works for you. I like your outlook!

  3. I love unsweet no lemon iced tea. I'm a new follower, topping you off at 501!! Woot!

  4. I'm slow too. It doesn't feel that way, but I have one friend who can write and edit a book in about a month. And she's soon to be a multi published author.

    Fresh berries, peaches, and plums are my favorite summertime treat.

  5. So glad you love where you are in writing! That's important. I'm just finding my groove again, especially with kids back in school. Thanks for sharing, Christine. I've missed your blog!