Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't be is good.

Thanks again Lilah for hosting the last line blogfest. Great job everyone!

I love feedback.  If you have been reading my posts you know this. I'm now able to really accept criticism (both postive and negitive) pretty well.  I look at it as a learning tool.  You giving a critique helps as well.  Looking at someone else's work can help you strengthen your craft. It helps you recognize what works and what doesn't.  This obviously helps in any stage of your project.

When I first decided to begin this journey, I was scared to death on letting anyone read what I wrote with the thought that they would laugh at me. I got over it and I'm glad I did.  I'm following my passion and I have the most helpful people who are supporting and teaching me as I go. I thought I would share my experience so far on how I get feedback.

I first turn to my family and friends. They mainly provide support but they do give some good feedback too. Love you guys!

Second, I found some critique partners. You can find them anywhere--writers conferences, blogs, etc.
My critique partners rock! (Kelly, Crystal, Summer, Jen and Jon). I couldn't of ask for more. If you can find great critique partners, your life becomes easier.  I know your thinking well doesn't it become harder too because just when you think you have your WiP right they will pick something out that you need to fix.  Yes, but it's a good thing.  It makes you a better writer and your story will love you for it. To my CPs, thanks you're awesome. Keep up the good work. I hope I'm helping you just as much as you're helping me.

Other people who help me--blogger buddies.  That's right --you guys.  You support, critique, encourage, etc. When I whine you listen, when I'm happy you pop the cork on the champagne.   So thanks and I hope I provide the same feelings.

If you just want to start with something small, here are some other places I've found helpful:

1. The Beta Club (Fiction Groupie)-I love this one and it's extremely easy. Just email Roni.  She is great at critiquing and once she's done she posts her critique of your work for other bloggers to see.  They can comment and tell you what they think too.  If you don't want anyone to know it's yours then tell Roni not to post your name.

2. Teen Fire-For YA writers.  You can post 1000 words and get feedback from the members. You may get a visit from someone at Sourcebooks or the fabulous Lisa and Laura.

3. YALitChat-Another source for YA writers. You can post your first five pages and the members will critique it.

4. Authonomy-I have not tried this yet so I'm not sure how it works but it's developed by the book editors at HarperCollins. You can upload 10,000 words or your full manuscript for review. Editors do browse this site.

5. Chimera Critiques--I love this website.  I just got feedback from (3) lovely authors (Callie Forester, Zellie Blake and Erica Spickard).  It's very private, free and extremely helpful.  They are very experienced and super nice. If you have not visited them please do.  They will be having a contest soon, too.

6. Blogfests- It's a great way to get feedback quickly on something you wrote.

Well, there you have it.  My take on getting feedback. 

Where have you gotten feedback from?

What works best for you?

Have a great day!