Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogs provide crazy motivation.

My blog. I have said this before--I never realized what I was getting myself into. I really thought it would help me with 'getting my name out there.' Not that I'm some amazing writer that will be published tomorrow (I can dream). I thought it was something to just get recognized. I also didn't know how much I could contribute. I'm by no means an expert but I gave it a shot.

I didn't realize the amazing people I would meet --along with how much I would learn (I'm still learning). It has been an incredible journey to date. The feedback I get for what I write is priceless, good and bad. The support is something I could have never imagined.

The blog is all of these things as well as addicting. It's a time sucker but worth it in the long run.  It's finding the balance between the blog (and other addictions via internet) and writing that can be the most difficult. I think I'm finally getting there.

So why is she babbling like she always does? About nothing? She just rambles on and on about the same thing. I hope tomorrow to have something new but I have received an award I have not seen. Maybe you have but I have not.

The Journey Support Award.  I received this from Erica Mitchell Spickard. Thanks Erica, you are super sweet and this means a lot. (Oh and go VOTE for me in her contest). ;)
I think we all need support on our crazy writing paths. I never knew how emotional this journey could be and there will only be more emotion. It never ends--I know.
***So, I would love to give this to all of you. You have supported me this far and I will keep supporting you. Give it to someone who has given you super support on your journey. 

I do want to mention some people who have meant a lot to me on my journey so far.

Sorry for the long list which made this post super long. It's also a lot of links. I really want to list all of you. You all have been an inspiration and have motivated me to press on. Thanks to all of you who keep me going. I hope I provide the same support.

Update--Yesterday I did make some progress on my revisions--yeah. I only got one chapter done but hey it's progress. I skipped my chapter 5 moved on to chapter 6 and wa la chapter 6 is finished ---for now.
Whew! with that said --Have a great day and Happy writing!