Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Writing fears

So, I've been absent lately. Things happen. As I stated before, writing and life take over and that's what I've been dealing with.

My writing has me facing many fears lately. I'm digging deeper in revisions in one, which is a good thing. I can feel the character more and the added depth can only enhance the manuscript. Plus, I tend to like revising more than drafting. Don't ask. Digging deeper and living inside them, being them, connects the reader even more. I found this post:
It takes you deeper into your character on how they would react in anger. It's interesting and definitely gets you thinking.

Another way is by going deeper into who you are. Basically taking pieces of you and really soul searching.

But like I said, I actually enjoy that process. Revising. Drafting, on the other hand, is torture. It should be fun, and sometimes is, because there are no rules--you write without a worry. Well, there are little worries. I'm drafting a new project. I know the beginning, some middle parts and the end. All are written like scenes waiting to be placed together. Yes, I write out of order. I also have a line of the whole story. Sort of like very loose outline. I've change the start point and I think I've found it, but now I have to figure out what tense and POV.

You see, I'm a first person present tense gal, as I'm sure your know. I love everything about it. I love to read and write it. It comes naturally to me. And up to this point, my stories seem to call for it, but this new one may not. It may lean to a 3rd person past. It scares the you know what out of me. It's a challenge, which is not a bad thing, and I'm happy to take it on. The problem, I'm a perfectionist and the thought of royally screwing it up weighs on my conscious, freezing all creativity into that project. I love the story and it's the hardest story I think I've ever attempted to write, but the idea of the switch makes me so wicked scared. But that's how we grow and strengthen, right?  It's what keeps us going and sharpens our skills. I did attempt this once before and it turned out 3rd person present, which is crazy.

One of these days, I will take the plunge and write one chapter, but I don't know how to start. I'm tempted to completely start from scratch and write the story over. I'm currently 30,000 words in.  But something is tickling me to try it again. I have to put out my impatience fire and go forward.

Any 3rd person past writing tips? I do read novels written in this POV as well as other POVs so I plan to look at those for reference.

How do you overcome fears and well as impatience?

Have a great day!!


  1. Great links! Going deeper into who you (me) are can make a huge difference in the inner development of a character. When I first started writing, I was nervous that my characters would be too similar, that my personal likes, dislikes, fears, etc... would bleed through too much. Over time, I've learned that I do have all those aspects to myself. But once I pinpointed them, I could them tweak them so they come out differently in individual characters. Make any sense?

  2. I think reading a lot of the same POV will make it feel more natural to you. Third person makes the reader feel like the protagonist's best bud who comes along on the adventures, while first person is walking in the protagonist's shoes.

    Since you hate drafting, don't call any rewrite a "start over" but a revision and it won't be scary. :-) (I'm totally with you on hating drafting.)

  3. I'd never done first person before a few years ago and that was pretty scary for me!

  4. I also prefer revisions.
    I've never written in first person, always third. The best advice I can give is watch the head hopping.

  5. Well, you already know my opinion on this! ;)

    My first novel, WHTD, was in first person past tense. And the novel you are currently reading in our critique group was originally written in first person past tense, too. It was while I was querying it that an agent suggested, as part of a R&R, that I switch to close third person. I think I cried for a week, certain I was going to "lose Evie's voice."

    Finally, I tried re-writing the first chapter in 3rd person and gave both versions to a trusted person to read. His response: "The original version is much better. But the new version COULD be just as good. So why isn't it?" And I realized that all I'd done was switch the pronouns. That's not enough. The entire POV takes a different approach.

    I started reading more books with that POV. I revised the first chapter like 20 times until I got a feel for it and understood why the agent suggested it in the first place for this story. Once I saw what it could do for this story that was lacking/not working in the original version, I was invested.

  6. I prefer revision to writing that rough draft. Rough draft always scare me.

    I've written both first person past and third person past. It always depends on the book. I've never tried first person present, but my next idea seems to want to be told that way. Trust your gut and write the way you want to write.