Thursday, March 12, 2015


Opinions. Sometimes they are hard to take. Sometimes they enlighten and empower. Sometimes they damage and hurt. As a writer, opinions are a daily occurrence. It's something that we have to learn how to deal with especially if they are negative. But that doesn't mean it makes it any easier to take. Sure our skin thickens, but when the opinions attack us, well, defenses will rise.

It seems as though opinions are easier to deliver via social media and reviews. People express themselves in all sorts of ways without a thought of consequence--without a thought of the other's feelings. It's like throwing stones at someone, but they are not right in front of you so you don't see them getting hurt. It's as if not seeing the other person's reaction makes it okay to say. I'm not saying we can't express ourselves or have an opinion. By all means, social media makes it easy to do and change can be made, but words can be harsh like a sword. They can jab into the hearts of many and the person holding the hilt will never know or understand how many hearts were stabbed.

I've seen opinions made that I may not agree with but they are made with respect. Each word is chosen to prove a point not attack and beat another. They make you think, not enrage. Opinions do make the world go round. It would be pretty boring if we all agreed on the same thing. Opinions make us unique, but we also need to have compassion. Saying your opinion is fine, but saying it with tack and poise will earn respect.

Just a little thought for today.

How is everyone?

Have a great day!!


  1. And we all have our own opinions.
    You're right that social media makes it easier. People can hide behind the screen and say whatever they want.

  2. Social media is really a bad place for bullying. People say things on social media that they would never say in person. And they think that means they can be cruel. But in reality, the words delivered through social media are painful. I'm sure everyone has been hurt by something someone said through social media. It really needs to stop, but unfortunately it won't.

  3. This is the eternal conundrum of social media. It's fantastic for connecting all of us who wouldn't have connected otherwise, and I've "met" some wonderful people this way, but the ease and immediacy of social media also makes it far too easy for people to say hurtful things. Social media was supposed to be a conversation. And most of the time, you could call it that. But vilifying someone is not a conversation.