Monday, November 18, 2013

Tea time with Failure

The funny thing about failure--it's everywhere. It's also not something you want to hear or admit. But it's always there--waiting. A bad word to many. A blemish to a blank sheet. To those who strive for perfection, it's the boogey man under the bed ready to strike fear. Let's face it, it will happen to you. More than once. It comes in all shapes and sizes from a simple thing to something that will not only affect you but many, maybe thousands or millions.

So, I sat down with failure and poured a cup of tea. What is failure really trying to say? Is failure that bad? I guess it depends on how big it is, but I stepped back for a moment and really let failure tell me. It seems I've misunderstood it. Sure failure hurts that's how it gets your attention. And at the time that it strikes you may not know why until a later time. I'm talking possibly years. That's where the misunderstanding comes in. Failure gets blamed for a lot of things, but it's the victim that needs to pay attention and turn failure around. Send him packing. I will admit failure has entered my life on many occasions, more than I like to state, but it wasn't until recently when I really looked at it--with my own two eyes and not from others advice, although that doesn't hurt the situation--it softens it. Spins it. Allows perspective to set in.

What is failure really trying to say? Try harder? Do better? Learn more? That's part of it. It's also trying to say that nothing is perfect. There's always room for improvement and everything is flawed. Sure there's a normal but believe it or not that's left to interpretation. Failure is trying to tell me there is another way. It's not my time. Failure never said to stop or not try. It simply is guiding me another way.

That's where it gets foggy. I need to know a clear path. I don't like the unknown. That's why failure is scary. It's messes things up and cuts your yellow brick road in half, blacking it out, making it seems like it leads to nowhere. The only way to get back is to keep going, try something different, learn something new--grow stronger. That's what life is--isn't it? Growing and finding out who you are. Failure has to be there to make sure that happens.

My thoughts for today.

How is everyone doing?

Have a great day!


  1. It's only really failure if it stops you forever. But if you just pause, learn, grow, and change, it's not.

  2. This is an amazing post. Because it is so, so true.

    "Failure is trying to tell me there is another way. Failure never said to stop or not try. It simply is guiding me another way."

    That's a brilliant and important statement.

    It's akin to Thomas Edison's quote on the development of the light bulb: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

    Let's hope it takes you a LOT less than 10,000 attempts to find success!

  3. I prefer to the phrase "life lesson" to "failure." I think anyone who has ever aspired to do anything or be anything or think outside the box would experience a life lesson at some point, and that's how we grow. We live, we learn, we have our a-ha moments, and if we feel ready, we can try again.

  4. I meant to say "I prefer the phrase..."

  5. I agree with Alex and Dianne! Failure doesn't have to be followed by quitting. Failure isn't a choice. Quitting is. I choose not to quit.

  6. Exactly what Alex said. Maybe it's not failure but just a fork in the road and yes time to discover another way to get to your destination.