Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Friday . . .

Yep, it's Friday, and it's been raining on and off for days. It certainly doesn't help in my productivity department. Weather affects my mood. Anyway, I'm in limbo. It's that time in a writer's life where I finished a manuscript and it's out to betas for round one and I don't know what to do next. I wrote a query, which my computer lost (long story), then I wrote another one that I'm not super psyched about. It's the ho hum time. I want to write something new, but can't get into it and then I want to revise something old, but can't get into it. We all go through it. I'm anxious and annoyed. I need something to occupy this urge, this want. Drives me crazy, but it happens. It's part of the whole cycle. I'm reading a book, but I'm not fully feelin' it. You get the picture.

Anywho, a couple of things are going on.

1. Check out my beginnings links on YaLitChat in the Craft Masters group. Later in the month, the lovely Dianne Salerni gives her advice on writing the first chapter.

2. Write Club is up and open for submissions. It's a fun way to put a piece out there and get advice without anyone knowing who you are. D L Hammons is a wonderful host.

So what's new with you?

Are you in limbo too? How do you get writing again?

Have a great day!!


  1. Sorry about your lost query! Did you by any chance email it to a CP? Maybe you still have it in your email records.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about that limbo feeling, where you are between projects and WANT to work on something, but don't have anything yet.

    I also get that you're trying to read to fill the gap, but aren't feeling it. Maybe you should try reading in a completely different genre/audience just to snap out of the funk.

    That worked for me last month, when I'd turned in my revisions to my editor and knew they would be coming back to me for more work in just a few weeks. The YA books I was reading weren't getting my mind off it, so I tried an indie adult steampunk fantasy and ended up getting sucked into a whole series.

    Luckily I read all 6 books in the series before the editor sent the manuscript back. Otherwise I'm not sure I could've snapped back to work! :D

  2. Sorry the computer ate your query!
    I'm in limbo as well. Not sure if I'll keep writing or not.

  3. I just finished my wip and while I would like to get right back and revise I am going to let it sit first. Meantime I'm reading and allowing myself to write whatever strikes my fancy, old or new.

  4. =( When I'm between, I go hit the piano, ride my bike, play a board game with the kidoes, and eat cheese. Actually I have a story folder filled with 30+ seeds, so writing is just a question of perusing and reading until a spark ignites. Have you tried one of those online creativity generators? --The ones that are supposed to get your juices flowing?

  5. I pretty much have to force myself :-) I've put myself on a strict schedule of writing, revising, going over critiques, and revising again. I have my writing schedule booked through next year and I know what I need to be doing every day.

    Granted, that doesn't mean it will get done. I get very easily distracted, and sometimes I just don't feel like sitting down with my manuscript. I have to be accountable to myself, because no one else is going to kick me in the butt. :-)

  6. Now you see why I email everything to myself. I'm paranoid of something happening to my computer and everything is lost. While losing a query might not sound like much to some people, I know it's huge. *hugs*

    I was having problems getting into writing the first draft of my sequel, but I'm finally getting back into the flow of things. Now I'm glad I have it to keep me distracted.

  7. I actually enjoy the rain, because it gets me in a writing mood since I know it's too yukky to go outside. ;o) I'm kinda in limbo too, just finished a revision and trying to get back into my WIP. Feeling slightly "meh" about it, or distracted, or something. I probably just need to OPEN IT and that will suck me into it. That usually works. But today...I'm blogging. :)


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