Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The torture of multiple ideas.

So, I'm back in the revising cave. I'm trying super hard to focus on my revisions and I'm getting there. I'm actually rewriting the second half and I'm wondering if that's even worth it. I have so many stories to tell, but the only way to learn is to stick it out and see it through. Write and learn. I'm tearing it apart and looking at what needs to be done.

The thing is, I have two other manuscripts yelling at me. The usual deal. Just when you thought you could focus, right? Now, I'm writing down my ideas and putting them aside so that when I'm ready to take on those bad boys, I'll know what I want to do. Easy peasy.

The problem is, I start to get this attack that since I'm a sloth at writing, I will miss my chance. What I'm writing may be just starting to be the trend, but when my sweet babies are ready to enter the big bad world, they will be old and wrinkled. The time will have blew right by me. It's an ongoing cycle and one I keep dealing with on a daily basis. So, I have to keep focused, which is easier said than done, but I'm working on it.

For now, I will keep revising and see where it takes me.

Are you staying focused?

Have a great day!!


  1. lol I'm not sure I am staying focused. I spend my day revising one ms (I entered the revision cave this week). In the evening, I'm planning my next novel. This way, by the time I'm ready to take a break from WIP #1, I can start the first draft of WIP #2.

    I know what you mean about trends, though. I'm writing NA now, which is hot. Hopefully it's still hot next year when I'm ready to self publish this baby.

  2. Perfect title for this post!!! I have so been there. The way I've handled this plague of writer-ship is to take 10 index cards and write the most important elements that will develop this story--the elements the reader (and I) can't live without. I only write one sentence for each. This helps my mind peel back the layers to see the bones.

    I know it's hard. I'm actually struggling with this right now.

  3. Ugh, I hate trying to ignore new ideas! But sometimes you just have to. Good luck with revisions!

  4. Can't worry about that - about trends. Write them now and at your pace.
    I only work on one project at a time. I'd confuse myself otherwise.

  5. I've never had a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, probably because I'd never had more than one idea at once before! Now that I do, I know just what you mean. It's hard.

  6. Yes! Before my current new project, I think I went through about five or six of those shiny new ideas, the ones I'd scribbled down while I was otherwise busy revising something else.

    I think by scribbling them down, it helped me concentrate on my revisions, on getting my current project done, and actually motivated me to follow through, just so I COULD start work on them.

    My advice is to use them as motivation to spur on your current project! (keep promising them that their time WILL come)


  7. All right, Christine--go you! AND block out the whole rest of the world telling you it's too late.

    I'm working my butt of too. One first draft, one revision. *high five*

  8. Sometimes I think being a writer is just an experiment in overcoming anxiety. A large part of it is because there's so much out of our control probably, and I'm coming to discover that so many of us writers are also control freaks. I think staying focused and finishing one project will give you the best chance at success--much more than having a number of unfinished projects. There's no knowing where that book will fall in terms of trends, but with any luck, you're write something original that bucks the trend anyway. Don't worry about the market. It's constantly fluctuating. All you can do is focus and make whatever you're working on amazing. If you can do that, the trends don't matter.

    Hang in there and keep working!

  9. I'm monogamous with my projects...I can handle only one at a time. I commend those who can split their attention like you can! :)