Monday, July 2, 2012


Oh summer, I do love this season, but I never realized how busy I am. I will be taking a short hiatus. Things are quite hectic here, and every chance I get, I'm writing. These characters are at the point where they are screaming at me.

I may pop in for a post, but I can't guarentee my normal schedule till mid-July or mid-August. Don't think I'm not dropping in on you folks. I will be scanning the blog roll.

Plus, my life in the writing world is not all that exciting. I'm working hard and still hoping for something to present a positive light. I just keep telling myself--one day, one day, keep writing. A little frustrating, but I'm working through it.  

If you are in the West Chester area August 25th come to PAYA. Check out the line up. It's awesome. Also, PLN will be meeting up the same day in West Chester too. Double win. I'll have more info on PLN closer to the date.

Happy Fourth of July and happy writing.

What's new with you?

Have a great day!


  1. I'll be at PAYA again. I wish I could have my second book there, or even ARCs of the second book, but I doubt it. :(

  2. I'm going to be away for a lot of July and August too. I'm looking forward to it, except for the part where I won't be writing (unless I can sneak some in). :(

  3. You can only do what you can do! Don't feel too pressured about it. It is summer after all. Just go with the flow! xx

  4. I'm doing the same thing. Good luck with your break! I hope the drafting goes well. :)

  5. I still need to make it to Philly someday!

  6. As much as you love Summer...I'm 180 degrees the other way. COME ON FALL!!! :)

    Enjoy your break though!

  7. Recently, I joined the insecure writer's group. That's how I found you.

    And yes, sometimes we need to take breaks so we can focus on our pressing projects.