Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Insecure Writer's Support Group

I almost forgot about this. So, after this post I may be on a hiatus. Anyway, thanks to the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh for putting this whole thing together. Go check out the other participants.

Like I said the other day, I have nothing new to say about my writing. I'm writing and learning and well, it just goes on. Queries come and queries go. Lessons learned. It's been beating me hard, but I'm trying not to let it get to me. One thing I do know is I sometimes do things in a complex way and I pick the hardest way to go.

Here's what I mean:

-For my first novel, I decided to write it from two POVs. One from a girl and one from a guy. I couldn't just write my first novel from one? No, my brain takes the most difficult route. Hey, and throw in scifi and souls. Why not?

-I write out of order.

-For my current novel, I decided to have my main character slide into the body of another person. Easy right? Ha. Now, I must figure how to write this from the main character's POV while the other body goes about her day.

See what I mean. Complicated, but challenging. That's what I keep doing to myself. I'm challenging myself to it. I don't take baby steps, I jump in and take it all on. It's funny because through most of my life, I turned away from anything that was super hard. I might have given up on things or even just never tried, but with writing, it's weird, I go for it. Sometimes without even realizing it.

Do I fail? Yeah. Lots. But as hard as it is it's the only way I know how to go. I think it's the only way I learn.

Have you challenged yourself lately?

Have a great 4th of July!!



  1. That last twist sounds intriguing!
    Challenged myself to finish one more book.

  2. Choosing the difficult path may be challenging, but think of the story you'll have when you figure it out! There are a LOT of safe writers out there, I admire your choice to be different! :)

  3. No one writer does it the same as anyone else. If this is the way that works for you, then it's awesome=)
    I love the idea you mentioned, having your MC slip into someone else. Interesting=)
    I've gone back and forth on my MS from one place to another plenty of times. Especially if I come up with some great exposition or dialogue for a later scene.
    Anyways, stopping by from IWSG=)

  4. I did the same thing you did... started difficult and now I'm starting to understand that in doing so I've made myself a better and stronger writer because of it. I think I allowed myself to push harder now more than ever.

    Instead of writing novels I've dove into screenplays, sitcoms, etc. It's been such a blast! In no way easy... that's for sure, but I do love a challenge!

  5. I love the sounds of what you're working on...great challenges. Enjoy the summer...

  6. I've said this already somewhere else today, but it seems a recurring theme: Writing is hard. Keeping everything straight in a novel you're creating is not easy. There's no one way to do it. I don't even think I can pinpoint my own process just yet.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

  7. That sounds a lot like my last WIP, too many POVs and possession in a apocalyptic world. I found it too hard and gave up after 30k. My new WIP is simpler and it works. Yay! (But a new one has been in my mind and that has 4 POVs... uh-oh...)

  8. Your WIP sounds fascinating, Christine. My current WIP has my character flying to the UK to find out who killed his wife. I've never been there, so I'm swamped in research. Thankfully, some of my favourite bloggers live there.

    Nice meeting you.

  9. Your WIP sounds interesting. Good luck with it. All I'm challenging myself with for the moment is eating healthier.

  10. HEY YOU!! These challenges will pay off someday, you'll see. Cool about your new WIP, sounds awesome!!!!

  11. Sometimes, I wish I could write out of order. The grass is always greener...

  12. I can relate to this post. I've written out of order. Each time I write a book, I do something difficult or uncommon. It's like I don't want to be published!