Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love what you do.

Well, the posts and commenting are random this week. Sorry. Apparently, I'm not super woman. Who knew. This week, and most likely next week are devoted to catching up on CP stuff and my stuff. I'm on a roll, so I need to keep going with it.

I got to meet up with Kate and Kelly the other night. So much fun and so nice to hear encouraging words and stories. Serious inspiration. Thanks Kate. One thing that was discussed--  love what you write. This is sometimes hard, especially when I get feedback that's not so nice. Me being a natural pessimist always sees the negative, but I'm getting it. Sure, I'll say my stuff is crap, it probably is, but I like it or I wouldn't be writing it. I get so immersed in my story sometimes, I don't want to leave it. I want to make it the best it can be, learning the craft, twisting my words till I see double. Yes, I've got a little burn in my gut called determination. Never had it this bad before with others things I've done, but it's there and it's not quitting. I'm also at the point of --write it, loosely follow the rules, and get it done. Yes, days of serious doubt are ahead, but I need days of 'yes I can and it's good.' Let's get in the mode of the latter.

I think if you love it, it will show through. Your work will shine. In fact, you have to love it. If not, then why write it.

Any thoughts or inspiration?

Have a great day!


  1. I understand about the determination. And I think it's very important to be excited and love what you are writing. Sometimes I recognize that too late but I'm learning not to stop molding an idea until I love it.

  2. I love love love what I'm currently working on. Just like I loved my last project. But the best thing about loving your new WIP, is that it makes things much easier when it comes to letting one of your little birdies fly (i.e. when you have to query it). The rejections don't sting so much when you're in love with your new wip because you've managed to distance yourself from the one you're querying. Though the requests definitely still rock. :D

  3. I am in love with the ms. I'm working on.(Regency) funny, when I wrote my first book (Regency) I loved that too and cried when I wrote the end. The second book (Contemporary) I dragged my way through it. So I think I've found my calling.

  4. Writing out of love is the best kind of writing.

  5. Writing is one of the hardest art forms there is, so it's super important to love it. Also, no matter what your chosen area is, if you love it, you'll never work a day in your life. :o)

  6. AH! I've missed you too! And thank you so much for always being a bright spot in my days and for the encouragement and support you always bring. <3 you! I'm glad to be back :)
    It seems like we are generally in the same spot a lot of the time, even in my absence, here I find myself relating to what your going through in the writing life.
    For me, I finally just started writing and figured out that I have to write what I WANT to read and forget about things like market trends and adverbs and whatever else. I love my characters, I love my story, otherwise I would have ditched them a long, long time ago. Sometimes it takes a person, an event, an AHA moment to realize that the technical stuff can be fixed but if you love your story, it will always come back to you and stay with you. I think it actually loves me back ;) Finally!

  7. i'm pretty good about loving what i write. But if i get some hard critiques, it makes me doubtful as well. It's just the nature of the writing profession. Sooner or later we all have doubts. But, soone or later we all feel like geniuses as well

  8. Ah, but the really hard work of writing is done when you no longer love it, but write it anyway. So I've heard, anyway.

    Either way, you just keep writing. That's how it's done, baby!

  9. When you love what you write, it's easy to keep going through thick and thin.

  10. I agree and I SO agree with Simon. That's where I am with WIP #1. I'm so frustrated with it and when I stopped looking at it in December, I was ready to find a new love interest. As you know, I still have very strong feelings for #1 and am developing strong feeling for #2 as well. So, yeah, I'm a cheater and I'm totally fine with that!
    All kidding aside, you totally have to love what you write...that's the only way the reader will really see the heart of the story and the real emotion. I also think that when you write what you love, you won't give up as easily. Nobody wants to give up on something that they are in love with...

  11. I've quit books before because I didn't love them. I really have to be excited about the book I'm writing, or it's just not worth it.

  12. Nice post. I often wonder why I write as much as I do and it always comes down to one thing...because I love it. That's why. Yes, it's overwhelming at times and hard to face the fact that my writing isn't always great (something that happens too often), but the best way to learn is to keep doing it. And love it on the way! Thanks for the post.

  13. So true. Write because you love to write!

  14. Christine,

    Loving your work is so important. You have to love what you write or why bother?

    Your enthusiasm for your ms will spill over into others loving it.

    A few weeks ago I had an 250 word excerpt on Miss Snark.... Well, let's just say I wan't too happy with the comments. Most were really worthless. So I felt pretty crappy.

    Last week an ABNA acquaintance asked to read my 5000 word excerpt. I posted it on my blog in the to link. She wrote me the following day. Her first comment.

    "I held my breath the whole time I was reading it."

    That made my week. How could anything be judged by the first 250 words?

    Another blogging friend read it. Her reaction was similar but had several suggestions to improve it. THEY WERE INCREDIBLE.

    Once I implement them i will have an amazing first two chapters.

    SO you see. I loved what I wrote and although I had several bad comments, there are some people who will appreciate your work.


  15. This is so true! I needed the reminder.

    P.S. I also loved what you wrote! :D
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  16. I don't write everything that I love, but I do love what I write -- or at least the idea of it. When the writing gets difficult, it's the love you have for what you write that keeps you going. :)

  17. I gave you an award on my blog today ;).