Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Life can be crazy

So, life is crazy. It happens. There have been times that I've been asked on how do I keep it straight. There is no real answer to this. For me, it is just getting through what needs to be done. Between home obligations, kids schedules, volunteer stuff, and just plain surviving, it's hard to take time for you. Writing sometimes seems like a distant friend you want to get in touch with.

Through the years, I've tried many different things to get back on track. I would get frustrated when I didn't get done what I wanted to do, especially on the writing front (who doesn't get upset at that?). Writing is a process and sometimes rituals have to happen to get into the mood. It isn't easy especially when you like routine like myself. Sometimes it is hard for me to change gears, which can make my insides tighten and my eyes squint. My frustration level can rise well over 1,000.

The one thing I realized is you have to be flexible. Put forth your focus on what is needed right now then check and see where things can fit in. Now, I'm not a full time writer/author at this time so things could change if that ever happened, but I have to keep in mind what needs to be done now. I do make time for writing. Sure a room needs to be dusted or some laundry needs to be folded, but this scene isn't going to write itself so why not take some time to do it. Even a 1/2 hour. I sometimes write or work through tough spots while I'm waiting for the kids at their rock music lessons. It is loud, and sometimes I do bring my headphones, but I try to fill that time being productive the best way I can. It's a juggling act that is constantly changing.

We all know writing and publishing is a roller coaster, but we keep at it. Persistence. The thing is you don't want to miss life either. Plan out your day the best you can and be flexible if it doesn't all go your way. Chocolate always helps too!

How do you handle change?

Have a great day!