Friday, July 26, 2013

Oh Summer

Holy cow I've been a bad blogger. It's summer people forgive me. Summer is one season I do love. Although, it took on a different meaning when I was younger, well BK (before kids). After kids, it's totally different. I still love the beach days and the warmer weather, but it takes on a different feel. I do like spending time with my kids, but like every other mom out there, at times, I need a break.

Now summer is tiring. I enjoy going places with my kids, watching their faces light up when they discover something new, but I'm tired people. I'm counting down the days till school. You see the other thing that happens is writing time is squished down to the size of a pea. For me, I'm a scheduled person and when my schedule is jolted for a long period of time, mama gets cranky. Writing is my outlet and makes me feel human. It's true. It's a part of me and when it disappears for long periods at a time, it equals one unhappy lady.

Since writing time is a tiny window, my brain begins to melt. Yeah melt. It basically feels like a monster has come and taken the creative part of my brain and is holding it hostage. But this will pass. I know it will. Every year I get my time back. It's trying to handle the time away from my writing. I feel like  the well in my head dried up. I'm trying to do little things, but even that is hard cause I can't focus right. I'm trying.

I try to put things in perspective. At some point my kids will be teens and won't want to talk to me or need me so I should enjoy this and I do. There are times though a break is needed for personal growth and that's what I have to figure out in the summer. I need to still learn how not to feel guilty about writing when my kids are home. If they are quiet watching TV or playing, (work with me it is a rare occurrence) I should jump in and write, but I can't focus cause I'm anticipating an interruption or the next Hunger Games in my family room.

Life is like this. Learning to spread yourself to others while keeping you happy. It's not easy and is always a work in progress.

How about you? If you are a parent, how do you keep a writing schedule in the summer?

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Spreading yourself to others while keeping you happy - you nailed it, Christine. Sharing with and giving to others is just as important. You'll have your writing time back soon.

  2. I think just the heat this summer is making my brain melt! I think if you can take some time to enjoy life, your writing come fall will only be stronger for it. Just try for that tiny bit every day!

  3. My schedule is like yours -- I write between interruptions.

    I've actually fractured my life like that in many respects. I couldn't find time for my workout, so I started doing pushups and squats a few times a day, just whenever I had the time, and now I've worked in weights and pullups and other exercises, just little tidbit here-there sets in-between interruptions.

    I work the same way, and I write the same way. It is not the preferred method, but for this period of my life, which is hectic, it is the only choice I have. Even watching a movie is in fifteen to twenty minute segments.

    Don't give up!

    - Eric

  4. I've tried to learn how to write in short spurts so I can grab whatever tiny slots of time I get between family obligations. Not very successfully, though. Seems I need large blocks of time in order to make any headway.

    It's funny. In the summer, I look forward to fall and winter because the kids are in school and I mistakenly believe I'm going to get more writing done. In the winter, I look forward to the summer because I think (again mistakenly) that the longer days will lead to more writing. There's just never enough time.

  5. I'm lucky. My kids are 9-13 years old. They've been keeping themselves busy in the mornings so I can write. I spend time with them in the afternoons. It's perfect.

  6. My writing time took a massive hit this summer. My daughter came to stay with us for the summer and of course brought her 17-year-old, 11-year-old and 4-year-old. I thought I had an organization and time issue before but oh my how did I EVER raise 4 kids, work full time, go to school and write?
    The truth is like you said these kids will be growing up so fast and moving on in the blink of an eye. My 17-year-old granddaughter starts college in a few weeks:( and :)
    I am trying to slow down and enjoy my time with all of them and at the same time I am looking forward to the fall and the glorious routine my ocd self needs.

  7. In Summer I just write at night time. When they go back to school I switch and write int he mornings.

  8. Just over here to wave at you. Iv'e been so buys with release Iv;'e had to let some blogging go, too. But something's got to give. Xxxx